Losing Weight before Getting Pregnant - anyone else?



  • MajorRyan
    MajorRyan Posts: 18
    You can add me if you like. I'm trying to loose weight so I can have a baby, though I have no medical reason why I can't now. Want to be healthy first.
  • Dani_M_1984
    Dani_M_1984 Posts: 17 Member
    I've been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years with no medical reasons why it hasn't happened for us yet. Doctor put me on Clomid so got myself in gear at the start of the year to lose weight to see if it makes a difference. Fingers crossed!! Anyone feel free to add me and we can help motivate each other. :)
  • karch123
    karch123 Posts: 16
    Please add me too. I am in the same boat :) looking forward to some encouragement!
  • I am also TTC my first and at 35 I want to be in the best shape I can be. I am seeking any advise and motivation. Just curious is anyone also TTC later in life?
  • iiiEllie
    iiiEllie Posts: 224 Member
    That's me! I'm trying to get 60 pounds off before we get pregnant next year. :)
  • jmslewis
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    Hello! Michelle here, 31 mother to 2 girls. We have had multiple unexplained losses and so after the last one in December I decided it was time to take care of myself. My Dr. said weight loss could help. I started at 258 and am now down to 226.8 since the new year. I have a lot to go, but bing healthy and wanting another baby are hat keep me motivated. Okay okay...and for once I want to be the cute pregnant girl that gets to still wear stylish clothes. :)

  • I am so glad I am not the only one who wants to do this!!! My husband and I were talking about starting to try in November or December this year, and I would love to lose 20-30 pounds by then! I am glad I found other women with similar mind sets!!!
  • RockerDDS
    RockerDDS Posts: 22 Member
    I am also looking to lose some weight before trying to get pregnant. We will try for our first child this summer. I have no medical reason to lose weight, just want to be healthier. Even if I could just get 10-15 pounds off. Feel free to add me so we can support each other!
  • chrislynn_marie
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    Same here!! I've dropped 40 pounds so far and we plan on starting in August :) Just closed on our house in August, our one year wedding anniversary is in May so baby is our next step :)
    Anyone, feel free to add me!!
  • keem88
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    i'm kind of the opposite, i didn't try to get pregnant both times i was but i had a miscarriage both times. i am at a low weight, and although i do not want a baby now i would like the option of being able to have one, and even though you ladies are going the opposite direction it's still good to have support either way. i am thinking that maybe in the next 2 to 3 years, hopefully will continue to be at my stable job and ready at that point. good luck everyone you can do it! i was told by my doctor though that i need to gain weight and stay at a higher weight for some time before i could probably conceive. but encouragement and support is encouragement and support either way. best to everyone!
  • mrsgollihue
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    My husband and I will have been married for six years at the end of June. I have PCOS and of course my doctor has recommended on numerous occasions that if we wanted to have a baby, I should try losing weight, which may improve my cycle. I have just started my weight loss journey, but I have been overweight my entire life. I now weigh 387, after beginning at 396. I always said I would never let myself get to the point I am at now, but I am trying to change that, not just dieting, but changing my lifestyle. I am hoping to lose at least 100 pounds, maybe more prior to becoming pregnant. I see that many of you ladies have stories similar to mine. I can definitely use all the encouragement I can get, so feel free to add me! I don't have many friends on MFP, so it would be much appreciated! Good luck to everyone in your weight loss journeys and in your path to conception! Seeing your stories and the amount of weight that some of you ladies have lost is very inspiring!
  • YolieCreator
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    My husband and I have been married almost 7 years. We have a 5 yr old little boy and have been TTC since he turned a yr. I at my heaviest now at 285. Been working out for almost 2 months now I'm trying to get back to a 16. I'm losing inches but no weight loss yet. Hoping we get our miracle this year. Feel free to add me
  • schmaliii
    schmaliii Posts: 18
    Well wanting to lose another 60 lbs (lost 30 before starting MFP) and planning on getting married then trying for a 2nd right after :) I need friends on here so add me. I would like all this magic (aka HARD work) to happen before the end of the year and looking for some support!
  • JennyV2013
    JennyV2013 Posts: 37 Member
    Just wanted to post an update. After starting this thread last December, I ended up getting pregnant in January. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and just came back to MFP today to help me focus on having a healthy 2nd and 3rd trimester and keep weight gain to a minimum. I didn't lose any weight before getting pregnant, in fact, I think I gained another 5 after I started this thread and before getting pregnant:( I would have preferred to have lost weight first, but at 34, I felt like time wasn't exactly on my side. If anyone else is pregnant and in a similar boat, please add me! I'm trying to keep total weight gain to 10-15 pounds which is consistent with my doctor's advice.
  • rgriner80
    rgriner80 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm also trying to lose more weight before getting pregnant. My husband and I have been TTC off/on again for a while. We're seriously TTC this summer but I'd like to get about 30 more pounds off first. I'm down nearly 20 now.
    Please feel free to send a friend request. :-)
  • EppieNeffrin
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    I'm 36 and don't know if I'll be trying before 2014. But still working on the pre-pregancy weight loss.
  • shygirlnot4u
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    Hello ladies. ...
    I'm also trying to lose weight and gain a baby. ...
    I got pregnant last year but had a miscarriage at 15 weeks:(
    It was the worst thing that I've been through. But I'm determined to lose as much weight possible by the end of the year because my hubby and I agreed that we can start trying then :) can't wait!......
    add me!
    We can all use the motivation for both losing weight and then for conceiving :)
  • Lyzz6363
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    I'm trying to loose 50 more lbs, I've already lost 20lbs, than try for a baby. I also wanted to do the only recommended calories and not eat for two. I want to loose 50lbs have a baby, gain only the recommend 20, than loose to my ultimate goal of 150. This is going to be hard but I'm happy I'm not alone and actually googled and found MFP thread :) Please if anyone else is still doing this feel free to add me! I'm hoping to loose by February and try to conceive by then.