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    Mary Kay's eye make-up remover is the absolute best.

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    I like the mary kay oil free eye make up remover..
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    I use jojoba oil to remove eye makeup.
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    Coconut oil!! works great

    tastes good in coffee too!
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    Mary Kay's eye make-up remover is the absolute best.

    I have to aggree with this! I love Mary Kay! No I don't sell it, I just know what works for me.
  • You can really use a lot of things.

    I've used olive oil in the past, as well as lotion. Any kind of oil, lotion or even conditioner works really well, and moisturizes. Right now I am using cold cream. (One time I got desperate and used a squeeze tube of lip balm.. Yeeep. It works too, lol.)
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    I live in a dry climate as well and I use Lush's Ultrabland. It's one step, safe for everywhere on your face. Just put some on your fingers rub it all around and wipe off with a washcloth. I sometimes follow up with one of their toners, but usually I don't. The remover leaves your skin with a good amount of moisture for the night.,en_US,pd.html?start=1&q=ultrabland
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    coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are the ONLY things that go on my face. i wash my face at night with coconut oil, just rub it into a wet face like any other cleanser, then rinse it off. then i saturate a face cloth with hot hot water and drape it over my face until the towel cools off, use the towel to wipe down your face and you are ready for bed! in the morning, i massage hot water into my face as if i had a cleanser, but its just water, then i splash it with really cold water to close the pores. sometimes ill put some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and dab that on my skin as a toner, but that's it! i have never had a single pimple on my face since i started doing this, my skin tone has evened out, my pores have closed, and my skin is never too oily or too dry. it's absolutely perfect!!!
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    I'll fourth the vote for coconut oil. It doesn't leave residue in the eyes like other oil-based removers I have used. I am a new convert to coconut oil and seem to find new uses for it all the time.

    I use Mario Badescu Keratoplast Cream Cleanser in the morning and evening (after makeup removal). It is a very gentle but effective cleanser that also helps with minimizing redness. Those are the only skincare products I use daily, though sometimes I'll use some eye cream or a mask from my lot of MB samples.

    I've been ordering MB skincare products for years now and while they may seem expensive, they are effective and long-lasting. Use the enzyme cleanser on my 14-year old son's face (when he lets me) and find it's a great product for keeping oil at bay on teenage skin.
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    Or just don't wear makeup and let your natural beauty shine!!!

    I don't wear any, and I've had lots of people ask what brand I wear and I just tell them me! (I eat tons of tomatoes, especially in the summer when they are more in season and that helps my skin tons)
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    Hello ladies!!!

    What kind of make-up remover do you use? or what is your morning- nights routine????

    For the last few months Ive been looking for something that would go good with my skin, and also not too expensive...

    Since I moved to Arizona... I have been having dry skin problems....

    Right now, I'm using Clinique... but I need: the make up remover for eyes and lips..... facial make up remover.... 3 steps.... and then a moisturizer for the night and another one for the morning.... I would like to use less stuffs and get better results....

    Since I started to use Clinique I have been getting pimples.

    I have tried almost every single product from the grocery store, but they don't give me good result neither :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I have sensitive skin, so I sympathize with you. Ever since it dawned on me that I have sensitive skin and have been using mostly sensitive skin products, my skin has been looking and feeling so much better. :smile:

    For eye makeup remover, I use plain good old Ponds cold cream and a couple of cotton balls. I can't use those liquid oily eye makeup removers. They always irritate my eyes. It's good to note that a jar of Ponds will last for months and months.

    For cleanser, I use Aveeno with Soy. It is very gentle and cleans very well. I use this in the morning in the shower, and in the evening to remove my makeup.

    A couple of times a week, I use baking soda to exfoliate my face. If you keep a closed container in the shower and just grab a good size pinch of the stuff and scrub it on your wet face in the shower, this works as a mild but awesome scrub! It's also very inexpensive and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and baby soft. Just don't use it more than a couple times per week.

    Under my makeup in the morning, I use a light moisturizer. I like the Neutrogena for sensitive skin or the Wal-Mart equivalent is actually very good as well and much cheaper.

    I use a light moisturizer at night as well, but about once per week, I will use this overnight moisture mask which works wonders. It's from Boots Botanics. Works like a dream. The label says to leave it on for 5 minutes, but that you can also use it in a thin layer overnight mask.

    I hope this helps. Best wishes to you. :flowerforyou:

    I forgot to add, that for my lips I use the overnight lip treatment (in a tube) from Bath & Body Works. Best lip treatment ever!
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    As far as lotion goes just get a lotion w/spf 15 at least for day and no spf for night. If you do have dry skin you should exfoliate then moisturize.
  • Best make up remover I've ever used is Bi-Facil from Lancome. I love it! I usually wet my face. Then put some of the makeup remover on a cotton round and wipe my make up away. I then use Lancome's Creme Mousse Confort. It is designed for dry skin and will leave your skin feeling so soft and creamy, plus it smells amazing. Afterward I use Lancome's Tonique Confort. I just dry my face and put some on a cotton round and clean off my face. This will help wipe any extra cleanser that may have gotten left on your face, it helps close your pores, and helps your skin to absorb your moisturizer. Follow up with Lancome's High Resolution moisturizer and your skin will be amazing! I know you may not want to hear this but it is also very important to exfoliate once or twice a week. I use Lancome's Exfoliance Confort. This will help take that dull, dead layer of skin away. It helps keep your face bright, prevents breakouts, and helps your make up go on smoother. You only need to use a tiny bit of each product and my products last me a long time.... months! Lancome isn't too expensive. The moisturizer is the priciest thing but again, will last you a long time. The rest of the stuff is usually about $25 a bottle. Plus they usually have great gifts with purchase. If you purchase your products when one of these is going on you could probably get a sample of the make up remover and a sample of moisturizer plus other stuff. The samples are pretty good size and last me a long time too.. probably at least 2 months, if not more. They have good gifts with purchase online too. If you go to a store you can even ask them to make you samples of everything so that you can make sure you like it before investing. The samples that they make are decent sized and will probably last you a week or so.

    Shiseido is another good brand that you could try out. I used to use it and liked it quite a bit. If you go with Shiseido or any other brand you should still stick with Lancome's make up remover though, amazing stuff.

    I definitely believe that our skin is very important and its the only skin we've got for the rest of our lives so we need to take care of it! Its our largest organ but often gets overlooked. Did you know that for everyday you don't wash your face it ages your skin 7 day? Not sure if this is actually fact or not but I heard it from a esthetician and it at least made me understand the importance of washing my face. Make sure to drink plenty of water too as that will help keep your skin hydrated and help flush out impurities that may otherwise present themselves through the skin.

    I live in Utah, a desert, and it gets pretty dry here. Plus my water is hard which isn't so nice for skin either. My skin has always been a bit on the drier side but I am constantly getting compliments on my skin and my complexion. Not only does my skin look much better when I take good care of it but it feels about a thousand times better. I hope you find something that works just as well for you. :)
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    . I use rite aid brand sensitive skin makeup remover cleanse wipes. After the makeup is removed I cleanse with cetaphil and finish with nutraderm face lotion.. hope this helps. Good luck ;-)
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    At night I use grapeseed oil to remove my makeup, just rub some on my face for a while, then rinse with warm water. Afterwards I wipe my face with rose water witch hazel on a cotton ball. If my face is especially dry I use a glycerin water mix that I lightly spray on my face (Amazing for dry skin, haven't had any dry patches since using it!). If my face is oily or I have a breakout I use bliss incredi-peel (expensive, but I cut each pad into fourths). I use normal bar soap with my Clarisonic if I'm in the shower.

    Love hearing everyone's routine, coconut oil sounds awesome, definitely will be trying that!
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    Or just don't wear makeup and let your natural beauty shine!!!

    I don't wear any, and I've had lots of people ask what brand I wear and I just tell them me! (I eat tons of tomatoes, especially in the summer when they are more in season and that helps my skin tons)

    Im not that confident!
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    Bioderma and DHC Cleanser (oil)
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    Baby oil clogs your tear ducts and causes styes.

    Perhaps, but I am 52 yrs old (yikes) and I have used it since I was a young teen and have never once had any issues.
    I use it for my eyes only, the for the rest of the face I wash with soap and water. Then before bed I put night cream on to hopefully delay some of the wrinkles.....