Triumphantly Dirty (Non-Clean) Eaters



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    I promised I wouldn't cut out food that I was going to want to eat again... (if that makes sense!) I'm trying to change my approach to food and here is the big thing, I eat rubbish. A lot of rubbish. But I try to moderate my portion control to compensate. I stopped smoking and if anyone thinks that I am going to stop the craving with celery, I dare them to try.

    I've lost 24lbs and taking it at my own pace. Not particually fussed if I loose 5 stone in a month from some fad diet in a magazine, I'm happy shifting 1 or 2lb a week and I don't feel too stressed or deprived.
  • margieparkins
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    oh yes, please add me some of you people. I like food but am trying to learn portion control, I don't restrict myself, it does not work for me.
  • CkepiJinx
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    I eat how I like to eat but in better portions ;). I have an open diary feel free to look. it can be done, I am not saying I haven't made some changes but I won't eat something unless I like it and I still eat things simply because I like them. Good luck you can do this!
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    Food...I eat it. I dont judge it. :glasses: :happy:

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    I want to see successes from people who don't have clean diets!

    For reasons I'm not willing to get into, clean eating is not an option for me right now, and I really need the motivation. I know you guys are out there so if you can show me pics and give me tips on how to make it work, I'd be really grateful. I feel like a minority on MFP who doesn't eat clean and I could use the support!

    (Just for background, I did lose 20+ pounds last year without a clean diet but I reset my ticker this year after falling off the wagon into the Land of Self-Induced Plateau. Back on it though!)

    p.s. no preaching, please. If I could eat a cleaner diet, I would! I've read it all already. c:

    Define clean?

    I eat alot of fruit and veggies but I also have pizza, takeaways, chocolate... I am lifting to and running but Its currently falling of me
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    Yet another "forever young" dirty girl, gettin' it done. :drinker:
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  • I do not eat clean. IIFYM, or even if it doesn't, haha.


    AWESOME!!! You look amazing!!
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    I believe in the 80/20 mentality. I also have a really hard time meeting my protein while keeping my fat/carbs/sodium down if I'm not eating pretty clean.

    I care because as someone with a lot of weight to lose (and not a formally fit person) I am not interested in looking like a deflated sack of skin and care more about looking and feeling fit than I do about being skinny or physically smaller.
  • Another "dirty" eater here as well. I've lost a little over 20 pounds and am set to maintain now to build muscle and tone. If it fits in my macros and I want it, I'll eat it. Check out my food diary and you'll see plenty of birthday cake ice cream, vanilla wafers, binge nights of alcohol, Taco Hell and lots of other "dirty" foods.
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    I eat dirty. Many of the clean eaters that I encounter are seemingly nice people, however, there seems to be a cult-like mentality and adherence to clean principles practiced by many "clean eaters". Not all, but some. Try challenging some of them and they will respond aggressively. Yes, I am making generalizations.

    By the way, I have lost over 40 pounds since Jan of 2012 and over 20 since joining MFP and I am an unrepentant "dirty eater".
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    This is the best thread EVER :sad: :sad:

    There are others like me!!!! :smokin: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am a clean eater...most of the time (though, some weekends I partake in multiple adult beverages. lol!) You don't have to eat clean to lose weight :) You could eat McDonald's everyday and lose weight. Eating clean is just about the health and performance of the body. Just stay within your weightloss calorie range and the weight will come off.
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    I'm definitely not a clean eater (I can't cook to save my life so I eat a LOT of processed food). I'm down 70lbs since July 2012. Still a work in progress, but I'm consistently losing an average of a pound a week and maintaining my muscle mass/losing body fat. I'm at a conference at the moment so I can't upload a pic, but you can see my progress in my profile photos. :)
  • fayeonherway
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    I EAT CRAP!!

    Fast food and carbs and soda and gluten... I don't touch vegetables unless it's on a dare. I eat chicken parm and pizza and burgers and ice cream.

    I've lost 83lbs.

    Come at me lettuce eaters!

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    I eat food. It's clean because I wash things. And it's a mixture of processed sugar waffle to tomatoes grown 600 meters from here. So I'm both "dirty" and "clean".

    And I'm pretty damn triumphant.

    We are legion.

    For some reason, I'm completely tickled at this response. :)

    Balance is key. I eat my treats, but I choose the treats I really enjoy. Not gonna waste my calories on treats I'm kind of "meh" about. Why steal the kids' smarties when I can hold out until a bit later and buy some Lindt... stuff like that. Oh, and pizza is not the devil. We have pizza regularly. Usually homemade, but once in a while I get my Panago with cheezy cheddar dip. Mouth heaven!
  • metaphoria
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    Lost a couple pounds without eatting clean.

    Oh, just a couple... :wink: :noway:

    That's incredible!
  • icantbelieveiamobese
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    confessions from an emotional food addict( thats moi).....i 'd wake up every night in a semi sleep state, usually around 3 am walk into kitchen and make myself a huge meal, day after day year after year. Every girlfriend i had thought i had a problem and i just could not get over it.....that is until 3 weeks ago, at the tender age of 48 i decided that bmi of 30.4 categorized me as obese my body had fat all over it and so i said enough is enough. Started working out and i started losing the weight when i d wake up and go to the kitchen i would have an apple or a banana vs a full blown meal, that was the first week. the second week i d wake up and just drink water and remind myself how i want my body to look and how it is already losing weight, all this would happen in my brain in a fraction of a second. by the third week i am actually sleeping through the night and not even waking up. I have only begun my weight loss journey but i know i have won a small battle so far (to me waking up and not eating i saw in my head as a huge battle won) .....U CAN DO IT TRUST ME
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    I am SO intrigued to see this!!