How much sleep do you get?



  • misssophieleigh
    misssophieleigh Posts: 55 Member
    I need 8 hours of sleep, which somehow I am able to get even while at university. It's marvelous.
  • Guisma
    Guisma Posts: 215
    6 to 8 week days . If im really tired i can sleep 16 straight
  • jocybee83
    jocybee83 Posts: 155 Member
    5-6 hours, but not straight. My baby is still not sleeping through the night so I am usually up once or twice a night with her. I try to take a nap in the afternoon, but that doesn't always happen. Someday I will get 7-8 hours straight a night!
  • Minerva624
    Minerva624 Posts: 577 Member
    Anywhere from 4-6 hours on most days. I have mild narcolepsy so I never get a full, rested nights sleep.
  • BigBrunette
    BigBrunette Posts: 1,543 Member
    During the week, 8 hours. On the weekend, as much as possible.
  • MissyBenj
    MissyBenj Posts: 186 Member
    We all should be getting 7 to 8. I get about 5.5
  • sevsmom
    sevsmom Posts: 1,173 Member
    Weekdays I'm lucky to log 7 hours. I would LOVE to get 8-9 one day on the weekends, but that hasn't happened in YEARS. . .thank you kiddos. What's worse, is i haven't SLEPT for 7 straight hours in, literally, years. I wake up usually 3 or 4 times a night. I think 7 straight hours would be GLORIOUS at this point in my life!!
  • youcantfoolme
    youcantfoolme Posts: 79 Member
    Should get at least 8. Reality is 4 - 6.
  • 2stepscloser
    2stepscloser Posts: 2,900 Member
    Not nearly enough...although my body thinks so. Between 5-6 hrs.
  • His_Buttercup2015
    His_Buttercup2015 Posts: 114 Member
    Looks like I fit the trend, usually 6. I do better on 7-8. Its something I've been trying to work on.
  • DalekBrittany
    DalekBrittany Posts: 1,748 Member
    Usually between 4 and 5, though I'm in bed for 8 or 9. I don't sleep well lol
  • 12-15 hours
  • blaquebutterfly75
    blaquebutterfly75 Posts: 136 Member
    Around 10 hours M-F 10-15 on the weekends.
  • SmartAlec03211988
    SmartAlec03211988 Posts: 1,896 Member
    5 hours or so.
  • ElliInJapan
    ElliInJapan Posts: 284 Member
    Usually around 7h during the week and a bit more, maybe around 8 during the weekend. Over the past decade I used to regularly stay up all night to study or work or even watch movies. I can't do that any more though, I can feel my body can't handle it any more. Even with the 7-8 hours of sleep it often doesn't feel enough.
  • ArmandoG28
    ArmandoG28 Posts: 283 Member
    5 hrs
  • weevil66
    weevil66 Posts: 600 Member
    About 5.5 - 6.5 hours
  • MyChocolateDiet
    MyChocolateDiet Posts: 22,281 Member
    Never, ever enough. I should get the amount of sleep which would make me wake up not crabby, eager to clean the house wash the dishes and suck my hubby's rooster 3 times in a row in a handstand position the whole time. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how many hours that would be. I have a feeling it would be 3 days straight during a full moon.
  • aeg176
    aeg176 Posts: 171 Member
    Not nearly enough 3-5 maybe 6 on the weekends. I feel like I take long naps instead of getting a restful nights sleep.
  • karinefitness
    karinefitness Posts: 336 Member
    Usually 7-8 on weekdays; 8-10 is the best for me though! But that only happens on the weekends or if I take a tap :)