What do you typically eat for breakfast?



  • Sandigesha
    Sandigesha Posts: 226 Member
    2 -2.5 litres of water is my typical breakfast. Followed by pumpkin seed and probiotic yogurt in the afternoon.
  • fufi04
    fufi04 Posts: 471 Member
    Egg white protein shake with almond or coconut milk & a banana (:
    I'm not big on breakfast foods
  • selmafeki
    selmafeki Posts: 48 Member
    Oatmeal mixed with eggwhites and banana or mixed with fresh berries or any kind of fruits.
    I also like to have omelet for breakfast or fried egg whites if I got it stocked up.
    Weetabix with fresh fruit and skim milk.
  • trentwiggly
    trentwiggly Posts: 74 Member
    Breakfast is a blur for me. Im busy and never quite awake enough to bother. So i do it automatically.

    Coffee w half and half
    Protein shake with cinnamon and MCT oil added.

    As of this morning I started adding a tbspoon of chia seeds

    Works for me!
  • kbeech06
    kbeech06 Posts: 328 Member
    I love oatmeal (porridge) and I eat it just about every morning. I typically make it plain and then add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon, but today...I wanted to try something different. I made a savoury oatmeal with caramelized onions and curry powder. It was yummy! I've found a bunch of different recipes using savoury ingredients rather than sweet and I cannot wait to try them all.
    I've tried over night oats, but to me they came out kind of slimy. Not sure if I did something wrong with them...but I didn't care for them.
  • penelopia
    penelopia Posts: 52 Member
    berries, soy yogurt, harvest-morn muesli and a mug of green tea with a slice of lemon
  • wibbley74
    wibbley74 Posts: 80 Member
    porridge during the week at my desk around 9.45 ish
    and oat bar on the weekend on the way to the gym
  • GrabacrPD
    GrabacrPD Posts: 94 Member
    50g Porride Oats with 270ml of milk then add 500ml of water to really fill me up

    weekends is 1 banana and half a pint of milk before gym/swim
  • nyssa1231
    nyssa1231 Posts: 120 Member
    I usually have some muesli with flaxseed, almonds, raisins and almond milk. That keeps me full for a few hours. If I have the time, I'll fry up an egg and eat it with some bread and cheese. That usually keeps me full until lunch.
  • GormanGhaste
    GormanGhaste Posts: 430 Member
    Mixed nuts and fresh fruit is my standby when I'm rushed for time. Very portable, too.
  • ficklesoul
    ficklesoul Posts: 54 Member
    Depending on my mood and what I have in my pantry sometimes I will have omelette, oatmeal/quinoa/cereal with fruits, milk and peanut butter. If I'm lazy I would normally just make myself peanut butter banana sammiches or egg white sammiches or made a protein smoothie. If I'm late or on a run I'll just grab some fruits. (: Gahhh I love breakfast!
  • Moosycakes
    Moosycakes Posts: 258 Member
    Protein bar.
  • fit4lifeUcan2
    fit4lifeUcan2 Posts: 1,458 Member
    I hate breakfast type foods. I cook breakfast for the family but don't eat what I make for them. I usually just have coffee and then later when I start to feel hungry I'll have a greek yogurt and some fruit. I'm just not hungry when I wake up plus I hate typical breakfast foods. When I am in the mood for it I'll have a veggie egg white omelet but thats it for me.
  • Oatmeal is really good! Pair it with fruit and milk, and peanut butter and breakfast cocoa (mixed together) if you wish. There are so much you can do with oatmeal for brekkie, it's the best!

    There are a lot of baked oatmeal recipes here that you can have for breakfast:

    Enjoy breakfast, it's the best time of the day :3
  • vstraughan
    vstraughan Posts: 163 Member
    low-fat yogurt, banana and Go Ahead biscuits (74 calories each) ... fyi I go to the gym for 60-90 mins each morning.
  • tattygun
    tattygun Posts: 447 Member
    A protein shake, porridge and a couple of fish oil caps
  • jdhoward_101
    jdhoward_101 Posts: 234 Member
    I typically have hard boiled egg smushed on some buttered bread, or peanut butter on bread, (i broke the toaster and haven't been able to afford another one lol). And i always go for any brand of bread less than 70clas a slice. I find that it fills me up more than any other breakfast.

    Going out for breakfast is a different matter though...that's when i usually cave and have a fry up!
  • Juliejustsaying
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    What is this "breakfast" of which you speak? I just can't do it...

  • Cupcakehippiemommy
    Cupcakehippiemommy Posts: 457 Member
    Veggie egg white omelet and turkey sausage or savory oatmeal with a poached egg
  • ssflbelle2012
    ssflbelle2012 Posts: 311 Member
    I eat breakfast every morning as breakfast is to "break the fast" you have been on since you last ate your dinner or snack the night before. I pretty much eat the same things that Lapinco eats. Nice to see someone else who likes variety.

    Lowfat cottage cheese with fresh fruit, eggo lowfat whole grain waffles with peanut butter, eggs & whole wheat toast, whole wheat english muffin toasted with sliced lowfat cheese & a cooked egg.