How much sleep do you get?



  • mag2906
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    Actually, too much sleep can as unhealthy as too little.
    I usually get 5-6 hours on a work night, 8-9 on a weekend (day off).
  • 8-9 every night (I have a medical condition that requires a lot of sleep and rest).

    In college I used to be able to pull all nighters.... now I'm lucky if I can stay awake the 16 I'm suppose to, but it's getting better with diet and exercise!
  • djc315
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    That only leaves you 10 hours in your day!

    You're assuming OP sleeps for 14 hours then stays up for 10. They could sleep for 14 hours then stay up for 20. No one really truly follows the 24 hours in a day thing, do they? I sure don't always.

    I have no idea how much sleep I get. I am in bed for a good 10 hours sometimes (probably closer to 9 on average) but I probably only truly sleep for 4. I want to get one of those FitBit's just to test my sleep. I've always been a bad sleeper.
  • ILiftHeavyAcrylics
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    I go for 8. That generally doesn't happen and I consider myself lucky to get 6.

    I've got chronic fatigue syndrome and one of the symptoms is non-restorative sleep. It's not uncommon to wake up every bit as tired as when I went to bed.
  • 5ftnFun
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    I like about 9 if I can get it, but usually it's about 8.
  • thefewsteps
    thefewsteps Posts: 201 Member
    school days - 6, weekends about 8.
  • c8linmarie
    c8linmarie Posts: 358 Member
    Between 6-8 hours everyday. Unfortunately, it's not uninterrupted sleep. I find myself tossing and turning ALL.NITE.LONG.
    If we are talking QUALITY of sleep, it's more like 2-3 hours.
  • bregalad5
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    I'll be in bed for 9 hours or so but only get 5-6 hours of sleep. Takes me a long time to fall asleep, and I'm constantly waking up throughout the night. Sleep disorders ... :(
  • oX_Vanessa_Xo
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    What's sleep?
  • santd
    santd Posts: 234 Member
    4/5 if lucky.
  • SerenaFisher
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    4 when I work. 8 or so when I am on a normal schedule. I usually go 24 hours when I work without sleep sleep for four hours then work 8 hours. And that continues til a day off.
  • Dekitara
    Dekitara Posts: 11
    Solidly? Not much. I don't have time for a proper single sleep, so I have to nap a few times every day. I guess I get 6 hours total, maybe more at weekends.
  • Joehenny
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    4-5 I have a lot on my plate.
  • kimmianne89
    kimmianne89 Posts: 428 Member
    4-6 hours. But I never sleep straight through, always waking up in the night.

    Usually I go to sleep about 2am and have to be up at 6/7am.
    Though sometimes on Saturdays I don't get up til 10am so have about 9 hours (if I have nothing to do that day.)
  • selmafeki
    selmafeki Posts: 48 Member
    Between 7 and 10 :)
  • MizPassion
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    Not enough. I should get about 8hrs, but I probably get about 4-6 hrs Mon-Fri. I do get 8-10 hrs on the wknds. I worry/think way too much. Plus, sometimes I don't force myself to stay up in the evenings causing me to have trouble sleeping at nights.
  • Sandigesha
    Sandigesha Posts: 226 Member
    usually 5-6 on the days when i work, 9-10 on off days. But if go go to bed early enough, 8 hours are usually enough.
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,793 Member
    6 to 7 during the week. Less on the weekends, because I try to stay up later, but I still wake up at 3am no matter when I go to bed.
  • NutellaAddict
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    Less then 6 hrs during the week and maybe if my internal alarm doesn't wake me up 6.5 on the weekends. Coffee is my friend. My best friend.
  • JessFox33
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    Less then 6 hrs during the week and maybe if my internal alarm doesn't wake me up 6.5 on the weekends. Coffee is my friend. My best friend.
    What he ^^ said...I dnt sleep well, I go to bed early - like 9pm sometimes earlier and I still only get a few hours bc I wake up between 6-20 times a night! Yuck! I would so love a solid 5-7 hours!