My One Year Weight Loss Journey: The Ugly Truth



  • crystalallor
    I've always wanted to dance but kept myself from doing it. I went to one Zumba class at the gym I used to go to back home and it was fun, but I felt uncomfortable and insecure the whole time. I was luckily with my sister whose in similar shape so we atleast were looking stupid together, but even now I am lacking confidence to join a class. Maybe if it were a class of all overweight people I'd feel more comfortable...

    I remember feeling this way as well when I first did zumba. I finally decided that as long as I was having fun and doing my best to do some exercise and moving even if it wasn't exactly right, it was better then doing nothing at all. Most of those people in class with you probably aren't even paying attention to you and there is a good chance they didn't start off as zumba experts either so they are understanding.

    Way to go to the OP! You look fantastic and are a great inspiration.
  • 1horseygirl1
    1horseygirl1 Posts: 98 Member

    You look amazing, well done. That is a life changer right there.
  • Raw_Bean
    Raw_Bean Posts: 293 Member
  • CristyMusicLovr
    CristyMusicLovr Posts: 179 Member
    Amazing transformation! I am a Zumba lover as well!
  • CrazyC
    CrazyC Posts: 284 Member
    Wow!!! Amazing!! Congrats!!! I :heart: Zumba. Ido it at home 6x/week using the Exhilaration DVD's and Zumba Fitness 2 - Wii... I workout between 1 -2 hrs, usually 1 - 1 1/2 hours for cardio only days and 1 1/2 hours on cardio and toning and Sentao days (every other day). I have been doing it for a month and am really starting to see results. :)
  • HokeyPokey2
    HokeyPokey2 Posts: 91 Member
    Amazingly inspirational! Congrats! Your hard work has finally paid off. :smile:
  • eringrace10
    eringrace10 Posts: 135 Member
    Wow,you look amazing such an inspiration. xxx
  • fran1301
    fran1301 Posts: 1
    You look absolutely fantastic, thank you for sharing :)
  • Tazzymk
    Tazzymk Posts: 45 Member
    Great work you look amazing. I'm a zumba and lifting fan too the results speak for them self.
  • Xwardian
    Xwardian Posts: 16 Member
    U look great
  • AshDHart
    AshDHart Posts: 818 Member
    Great transformation!
  • pmermakov
    pmermakov Posts: 37 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. You look like a totally different person and so happy!
  • got2go2concerts
    got2go2concerts Posts: 132 Member
    You are such an inspiration!!! You have changed so much, you're hard work and commitment have really paid off. You look AMAZING!!! I love Zumba also, but I have gotten out of going, and really need to get back at it. It's an awesome workout and so much fun!
  • mkyle1988
    mkyle1988 Posts: 19
    WOW!!! you look awesome. Great job.
  • oofdieblunk
    oofdieblunk Posts: 60 Member
    Absolutely stunning!
  • anitasongs
    anitasongs Posts: 129 Member
    You LOOK amazing! Congrats. Thanks for sharing it was inspiring. :)
  • Rays_Wife
    Rays_Wife Posts: 1,173 Member
    Great job, you look fabulous!! :smile:
  • juliedozier
    juliedozier Posts: 184 Member
    Wow! You look amazing! Great job. And, I'm with you on the Zumba ... what a fun way to sweat!
  • jazzyali
    jazzyali Posts: 78 Member
    Thanks everyone- officially hit day 365 of my journey today... had fun with this picture:

    IMG_3111 by jazzyali1323, on Flickr
  • IrritatedDoro
    IrritatedDoro Posts: 89 Member
    Seems to me you had an energetic dancer in there all along. Congratulations on improving your health.
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