Need good running music!!



  • DesireeAshley90
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    Pandora has workout and fitness stations that have good upbeat music and you get an idea of all of them.
  • jkuhn71
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    You should check out the app "Rock my Run"- it is fabulous! You can choose different genres of music, and then they will give you a list of different types of mixes. I've been using this for the past week or so, and its great :-)

    I was just going to suggest Rock My Run! I am addicted...I love that there's so much to choose from and that new stuff is always being added. I've been a member since last fall, but became a "Premium" member in February. I think it was $36 for the year for the Premium membership, but I get 36 downloads (including premium mixes - which are over mixes that are over an hour in length). I love it and definitely think it was worth the cost.
  • LissaK1981
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    I found that anything hardstyle has a great tempo for running. Checkout an album called Reverze Call of the Visionary. It has a great mix of styles and artists.
  • tolygal
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    Bumping for ideas and to mention this site where you can search for music based on bpm:
  • meredith1123
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    DJ's like Tiesto, Nico Pusch, DeadMau5, Format B and Simina Grigoriu should get you motivated......
  • macattack99
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    I would highly recommend any of the dubstep songs by this youtube user:

    Her album from 2012 is great for walking / running!
  • jamesantonyarnold
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    Diving faces - liquid child
    Million voices - Otto knows
    Stonebridge - Put em high
    Temptation - new order
    Tim Deluxe - It just wont do
    Freemasons - Uninvited
    Wild Ones - Flo rida
    Seek Bromance - Tim Berg
    Poppiholla - Chicane
    Rapture - IIO
    Starlight - The superman lovers
    The undercurrents - maximo park
    Dammit - Blink 182
    Evil - Interpol
    Jennifer she said - Lloyd cole and the commotions
    Laid - James
    Last night - the strokes
    Mr Brightside - the killers
    No ordinary Morning - Chicane
    Sticks and stones - Jamie T
    Enjoy the silence - Depeche mode

    A mixed bag of old trance that reminds me of my youth, to songs that I just love. Cant beat a long run where youre humming along.
  • X10Matt
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    These are some of my standard tracks for running or elliptical. Hope it gives you some ideas...

    Boston - More Than a Feeling
    Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away
    Stevie Ray Vaughn - Voodoo Child
    Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man, Jessica
    Jackson 5 - I Want You Back, ABC, Mama's Pearl
    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jump Jive n Wail
    LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
    Notorious BIG - Mo Money Mo Problems
    ICE-T - New Jack Hustler (warning, explicit lyrics)

    Cool Down & Stretch...

    Elton John - Tiny Dancer
    Bob Marley - Jammin', One Love, Stir It Up, Three Little Birds
    James Taylor - Mexico, Carolina On My Mind
  • kckBxer396
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    Well, I don't know what you like,but here are a few of my favorites:

    Reach for the Sky; Social Distortion
    Ruby Soho: Rancid
    Fall Back Down; Rancid
    1-Shut me up 2- On It 3 -Never Wanted to Dance 4 - Last Time I Tried to Rock Your World: Mindless Self Indulgence (these are 4 diff songs)
    Punk@ss: Rabbit Junk
    Hard Times: Parlor Mob
    1-City of Angels 2-Seneca Falls 3-Beat Your Heart Out: The Distillers
    Rock and Roll Girl: MXPX
    Handlebars :Flobots
    Ch-Check It Out: Beastie Boys
    Through the Fire and the Flames: Dragon Force
    The Science of Selling Yourself Short: Less Than Jake
    1-My Plague 2-Liberate 3-Spit It Out 4-Duality: Slipknot
    Dying Breed: Five Finger Death Punch

    Just to name a few. If you like any of these, message me and I will try to help you find some more. :) If you don't, hopefully my list will help somebody. haha If anyone has suggestions based on my list, I would like to hear those too. haha
  • donbet69
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    I find that heavy stuff gets me going...

    Godsmack - Alive
    Avenged Sevenfold - Carry on
    Adema - Freaking out
    Disturbed - The Game
    Drowning Pool - Bodies
    Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
    Adema - The way you like it
  • roxierachael
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    Bumpty bump
  • sudmom
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    I will try the rock my run ap-thanks!
  • smallsadsam
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    Looking for some new stuff to add to my playlist and it looks like there is some great stuff here! One of my all time favourites is Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee.
  • ArchyJill
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    I'm a huge fan of PodRunner. It's a great series of fixed and varied BPM mixes. I strongly recommend giving it a try no matter what kind of music you listen to, it'll get you in the groove and you won't be skipping around trying to find just the right song.
  • owieprone
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    jesus built my hot rod - ministry
    mountains - biffy clyro
    fire in your eyes - chase and status
    out of control - chemical brothers
    i love it - icona pop (it's abit short tho :()
    remedy - little boots
    straight a's - sleight bells (short again, i hit repeat EVERY TIME! lol love it)
    whip my hair - willow
    your disease - saliva
    prod - mudvayne
    jump sucka - dredge
    loco - coal chamber
    woohoo - christina aguilera
    better days - caffeine
    black mass reverends - black label society
    make me bad - korn

    to name but a few on my run list
    Can't be dealin with anything with nae words and the same 5 seconds of music repeated for hours on end (they all roll into one! i hate rave)

  • Lifelink
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  • moxiept
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    Didn't know Pandora had workout stations. Cool!:glasses:
  • brunotolosa
    I run to Deep House, uplifting trance etc.. I've recently purchased Kids in Glass Houses' new album (Peace) and I've really enjoyed running to it most of its tracks- even though it is not house.

    For long distance running I really NEED deep house though.. Those types of sets that would build up for a long time and will help me to get into my ZEN state of mind!
  • kammy92
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    Fit radio.........look in the app store if you use your phone..... Several different types of music that goes by BPM, similar to jog FM, but available for Android
  • ThePlight
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    I must admit.. I can run better when I'm listening to dubstep. If I'm having a frustrating day, I listen to chillstep.
    Not sure if you have tried that yet, but it might work for you. Not all music is good music to others, though hehe :P