I am afraid to even post this...



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    as so many others have said, this is the start. but keep in mind there is no finish, what you start today has to be carried through for the rest of your life if you want to be at a "healthy" weight/size.

    things you need to know going in;

    -while the scale is a tool for measuring progress it is not the only tool and it can sometimes give the illusion of no progress
    - dont lie to yourself. if you are close to your calories for the day and have something else but fear going over your calories for the day so you dont track them you are only hurting yourself.
    - it took many years for this weight to be put on, it will not come off within 2 weeks
    - your body will make adjustments so you need to do the same. if you hit a bump and dont lose for a few weeks, change up eating or workout habits. confuse your body
    - dont get discouraged, rome wasnt built in a day

    best of luck
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    Tom, I am amazed everyday at how supportive this site is! How it helps keep me accountable, and provides me with the encouragement, the motivation and the education to move forward! You aren't in this alone - everyone here is supporting you!

    Baby steps and be proud of those baby steps! What's the chinese proverb - something like a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step? You've made that first step and we're all here to help each other through the journey!
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    Welcome! It sounds like you're here at the exact right time with the desire and motivation to make the change. USE US! Lean on us. Let us pat you on the back when you work out and make awesome choices. Be accountable and let us build you up when you slip up. You can do this! I'm so glad you posted and I hope you stay.

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    I have always been overweight to some extent. I did run track and cross country in high school but when that ended my weight went up. Then I began working at Swensens Ice Cream parlor. Oh boy!!! I went from 175 to 190 lbs. After two years I went in the Army and got in the best shape I had been in and was back down to 175. I got out in 1988 and since then it has been a slow climb upwards. Marriage, kids, and then arthritis. So I peaked at 301 at 48 years old. Over the years I have done, cabbage diet, weight watchers, nutrisystem, adkins with varying degrees of success. When I stopped it all came back. So far I have found MFP to be pretty helpful.

    I have been addicted to sugar. I have a sweet tooth. Anything related to cake or bread. One of the things I have tried to do is find things to fill me that aren't calorie loaded. That's hard. Vegetables/salads don't always do it for me but I try as often as I can. One of the things I remember my weight watcher leader telling me years ago is to not worry too much about salad dressings. As he said, Salad Dressing isn't what got you big and if it gets you to eat salad, go for it. Eventually you can ween yourself down or hopefully switch to lite or diet dressings. I also go by the adage, if it's white, stay away. Pasta (which I love), rice, bread (ugh!), potato, etc. I like salsa so I have found that a great item to mix with a lot of things that I hadn't before. I don't get the "jar" stuff I usually get the safeway or giant brand in the containers in the produce area.

    The biggest frustration for me is that despite losing weight I still look in the mirror and see that I am over weight. But I have to tell myself that as I was heading UP to 300 lbs, I knew I had a big gut at 240 and 260 and 290. So as I am coming down (and I hope I still will) I have to remember that it will be a while before I see a big difference.

    To echo what "anxietygirl" says that walking has done it for me too. I can't run anymore anyway due to my arthritis. My distance and speed has increased with time but I've had to be patient so you need to be too. I try to keep to my local high school track. It is safer for my knees since it is flat and if I have a problem my car isn't far away. I work out everyday walking and/or weightlifting. I am lucky I have a gym at work I use at lunch or after work depending on how my schedule dictates. If I didn't have that there is a cheap gym near me my daughter uses which I would turn to otherwise. Even at the gym I focus on cardio and less on the weights.

    Don't beat yourself up on the bad days. Embrace the milestones you reach whether it is weight loss, your fitness or taking your belt down a notch. This was Memorial Day weekend and we grilled on Sunday and there was no way I was going to control myself. But the next day I was back in the saddle.

    You'll be fine. Don't give up. Good luck!!!!!!!

  • Hi Tom! You can do this! This site helps to keep you accountable! And it truly is one day at a time! I'm sending you a friend request as I'd love to support you on your journey.
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    All the best! You can do it, know you can. My top 3 tips:

    Tip one: Just MOVE
    I can imagine it probably hurts to walk - if not you are very lucky! Find something low impact that you can do easily without too many changes to your daily routine and do it daily. Try walking to the nearest grocery store or parking your car furthest from the door on the highest level and then walking or taking the stairs to the entrance. Little changes to get you moving more.

    Tip two: Drink water (not soda even if it is diet or juice even freshly made)
    Every time you feel like eating drink an 8oz glass of water - then eat if you still feel like it.

    Tip three: Be patient
    It will take time, the biggest loser is just television, in the real world long lasting changes take baby steps.

    All the best!
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    Congratulations on taking the first step to help yourself! It's NEVER too late to make a better life for youself! You will find a lot of supportive friends here and many people who are facing the same challenges. You can do this as long as you really want it, it will take time, but you can succeed!

    Friend request sent! Let's do this together!!:smile:
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    You and anyone else can invite me! I was in a similar boat in 2009. I looked at myself at 400 pounds and couldn't believe it. I lost weight but lost the battle and it came back. Looking to make it a permanent change this time! Good luck!
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    Go get it done Tom!

    I've got a couple of thoughts.

    Though the term itself is one I despise as corporate speak, the S.M.A.R.T. goals post upthread is a good one. Personally I don't think that a weight of 299 qualifies as "A" (attainable). 150+ pounds over 7 months is over 20 pounds each and every month. I'm sure it's possible but at a cost.

    One of the "benefits" of a high weight is that you burn a lot of calories both resting and exercising. I bet consuming 3000 calories (which is really a lot of food) and walking 20-30 minutes will have you losing on the order of 12-15 pounds per month. This calorie burn rate decreases with your weight.

    My best advice: don't take my advice! Learn as much on your own how the human body stores and uses energy. The more you learn the more you can rise above the noise of dissenting opinions you find here and throughout the Internet.

    Good luck and I'll send a friend request, from another guy in a similar situation.
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    I just want to say congratulations on making a change in your health. Also, on a silly note, your comment "I'm not here to talk about cats" made me laugh out loud & almost spit out my smoothie :laugh: Gave me a much needed laugh this morning as I get back on the bandwagon I fell off of a couple months ago. Maybe I'm just sleep deprived (only slept a few hrs last night), or light-headed from hunger (as I drink my smoothie, instead of eating a "real" breakfast) :wink: but your "cat" comment was too funny.
  • You just took the first step =) Welcome aboard and good luck!!
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    Congratulation for being brave and postting . Their is not point going on diets , they don't work. It's Life changes you need to do and stick to it.

    baby steps make one change each day and you soon find it become second nature. :)

    OMG! yes, THIS!! this is the answer! it has to be a lifestyle change!!
    please approach it healthily...eat at a healthy deficit daily and train your butt off...especially resistance training
    feel free to add me if you have any questions about diet and training since im always happy to help those who approach weight loss in a healthy way for the best long term results. no crash courses. a change in lifestyle for the best!

    thumbs up to you sir!
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    You're very brave! The first step is always the hardest. You can add me as a friend if you'd like :smile: I think instead of focusing on fad diets and regimens (yoga, juicing, paleo, gluten-free, etc) is to just focus on portion control. You can still eat the foods you love, just not a lot of it.
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    Hi Tom,
    If you are serious and ready to make some change, I am willing to help. I am a nutrition counselor and would like to offer you a free session. I think that we could talk through most things that you would need to get started. While exercising is part of it, what we eat or don't eat is the majority of where we need to focus.
    There are no catches here. I don't do Body by Vi or any crap like that. I specialize in working with people that have cardiometabolic syndrome. If you want, add my as a friend and I will show you my website, get you my email address and we'll get started.
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    Friend request sent! It so important to have positive uplifting people in your corner and I am so happy you were able to post this I will be happy to help you with support through this journey! :flowerforyou:
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    You are taking a wonderful first step!! Love seeing everyone come out and band together to support someone so nicely! Very heart warming. Sounds like you have made up your mind you want to do this and you will do this. Can't wait to see your progress pictures soon!! Good luck!!
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    So glad you are here! I have found that I have NO success doing this by myself. The encouragement that I see everyone give each other is amazing.

    We can do this!

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    Hey Tom I fully understand I started out at 428 and going through severe depression. All the posts I read saying take small steps are right on. Do not dwell on only the main goal but set little goals along the way. Those little victories will keep you motivated. Keep logging in every day because you will be shocked how tracking the cals work.
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    Hi Tom and congratulations on taking the first step to a new you!!!!! MFP is the place to be. Everyone is great and very supportive! I'm sending you a friend request. You got this!!!!

    Sheila :flowerforyou:
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    You got this Tom! Even if we don't know you personally, all of us believe in you and know you can do this!