Pics -100lbs gone and I will wear this bikini in public



  • zaeman2569
    zaeman2569 Posts: 47 Member
    Wow you look amazing! great job! i wish i would of took before and after photos. oh well, again great job!
  • YourLotusFlower11
    YourLotusFlower11 Posts: 90 Member
    U look smoking hot and so much younger and happier well done on all of your accomplishments :))
  • rachelwarner32
    rachelwarner32 Posts: 96 Member
    Inspiring to see what you've accomplished! So happy for you :-)
  • Melaney1
    Melaney1 Posts: 43 Member
    Good for you girl! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • congratulations! Good for you, I hope you can enjoy your children and have more energy to run around with them now!
  • tlc1126
    tlc1126 Posts: 10 Member
    you look great!! good job!
  • svgarcia
    svgarcia Posts: 592 Member
    Just wow! U look fabulous! What an encouragement and an inspiration
  • fairygirl66
    fairygirl66 Posts: 9 Member
    Congratulations you look awesome and must feel so much better. I started out at 218 jan 5 th of this year and weigh 180 now what an inspiration u are!
  • Txgirl1204
    Txgirl1204 Posts: 37
    You look AMAZING!!! Congratulations!! :wink:
  • pinkpatron
    pinkpatron Posts: 154
    You look like a totally different woman! Wow! Congrats on being freakin' AWESOME!
  • Crys1209
    Crys1209 Posts: 128 Member
    Wow, you look amazing!! Congrats to you! My new motivation! :wink:
    I have never been fit so my plan is to look better then I ever have by the time I get to my goal. Kudos to you!:drinker:
  • saralee61386
    saralee61386 Posts: 9 Member
    So inspiring. You look GREAT!!!
  • avongirl74
    avongirl74 Posts: 44 Member
    Wow....just wow!! great motivation!!:smile:
  • kimmie185
    kimmie185 Posts: 550 Member
    Wow congrats!
    I've lost almost 100 but I don't look anything like that! :)
  • vanesa007
    vanesa007 Posts: 4
    WOW its hard to beleive thats you in the before pic ! congrats
  • keyariloses
    keyariloses Posts: 74 Member
    No THAT is some motivation! Awesome! I can't wait until I feel comfortable in a bikini
  • tlesa88
    tlesa88 Posts: 56 Member
    WOW! Thanks for the motivation. You look absolutely incredible. Rock that bikini, girl!! One day I will do this too! :)
  • DorothyParkerDreamer
    DorothyParkerDreamer Posts: 7 Member
    My new inspiration!
  • So inspiring I am at the weight of your before picture and have two kids as well, thank you for posting! I was having a bad two weeks this helps motivate me that it is possible If I stick to it!
  • congrats,that's awesome. keep up the good work