Crazy Salad Combinations



  • michelefrench
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    broccoli, golden raisins and shaved red onion in a sweet/sour dressing (sugar/red wine vinegar) sometimes add a little chopped bacon...mmm.mmm...
  • Tctr
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    not crazy per se but i've been enjoying this for a while now.

    large bowl
    a couple cups of baby spinach
    1 can boneless skinless salmon
    1 diced apple
    1/3 cup dried unsweetened cranberries (or less)
    1/3 cup pecan pieces (or less)
    1-2 tblsp raspberry vinaigrette dressing --- can't remember the brand low cal low, 1 tbsp = 20cal
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Not sure if this is "weird" but it's usually what I put in the container at the salad bar:

    romaine/mixed greens/spinach
    chick peas and/or black beans
    banana peppers
    cherry tomatoes
    bell pepper strips
    hard boiled egg
    a litle feta or shredded cheddar
    baby corn (even though they're a little weird tasting, I can't resist them they're so cute! LOL)
    top it all off with parmesan peppercorn

    bonus if available: marinaded mushrooms, a little cottage cheese and maybe a few croutons
  • Nessiechickie
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    My favorite salad.
    Call it the leftover salad.

    Leftover Chicken
    Leftover potatoes
    Any and all veggies in the fridge.
    Salad Dressing

  • RobynLB83
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    I put everything and anything on a salad. Combos of raw veggies, cooked veggies, dried fruits, fresh fruits, cooked fruits, nuts, fish, chicken, steak, cheeses, eggs, capers, olives, pickled things, fresh herbs, quinoa, rice, tofu, beans. Basically anything you can eat, you can put on a salad. Just think of the components of meals you like, and throw it on greens.
  • lindssaurus
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  • avskk
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    Spinach, chopped pickled or roasted beets, baby mushrooms, red onions, lightly steamed broccoli, grilled chicken or tofu if you want some protein, beet juice + lemon juice as a dressing. Top with a sprinkle of borage flowers. Sounds weird, tastes totally divine.
  • daepley
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    Baby Spinach or mixed greens
    Almond slices - just slightly candied
    Goat cheese crumbles
    Poppy-seed dressing
    Add some chicken breast if you feel the need for more protein.

    It's fabulous!