Loud farters



  • Doodlewhopper
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    especially if everyone else is quite, like at at movie or church. then look at the person next to you and say "don't worry. I'll tell them it was me"

  • Kpablo
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    Anytime my two year old passes gas she is thrilled so much she screams "I FARTED, MOMMY!!!!!" :blushing:

    A few days ago we went to dinner and she took a #2 and ran outside to tell the bf "I POOPED!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL At least she's proud of herself.
  • chubby_checkers
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    Advice to the girls here... dont hold your farts in around your boyfriend.
    I was peacefully sleeping one night, when I was suddenly startled of my rest by my boyfriend yelling "WOMAN!!! You just farted SO LOUD it woke me up!!" Lmao!! Oops!

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    My fiance and I had only been dating a few weeks when we were hanging out and he left the room to rip one. He was trying to be discrete, but it was the loudest fart I had heard in a long time. I laughed until I cried and he was super embarrassed.
  • 6spdeg
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    Im laughing right NOW!. i think i just farted to...
  • Lovdiamnd
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    Im laughing right NOW!. i think i just farted to...

  • YoshiZelda
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    I find loud farts absolutely hilarious, especially in a public crowded place. One in an elevator would suck though.
  • htimpaired
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    My husband farts alot at night, and it smells. (Never the nice loud but odor-less ones, ya know?). I complained so much about it that one year for Christmas my family gave me a box of air freshner spray cans to keep next to the bed so I can spray him when he does it. Now his farts smell like cinnamon apple.
  • 6spdeg
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    GOTTA LOVE PROTEIN FARTS.. theres no escaping those!
  • SmartWhatever
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    GOTTA LOVE PROTEIN FARTS.. theres no escaping those!

    Beer farts are pretty potent too!
  • JusticeGirl25
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    Farts are even more hysterical when you use the restroom at a public place and even at the airport LOL
  • Kpablo
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    GOTTA LOVE PROTEIN FARTS.. theres no escaping those!

    Especially egg farts :sick:

    My best friend egg farts all the time. SO GROSS! Give me a gas mask please.
  • silvergurl518
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    i practice SBD in public. at home, anything goes. including machine gun style and louuuud.

  • Alex_is_Hawks
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    Hmmm I wonder if the recipient finds them as funny as you? :indifferent:


    it sounds like a barking seal I've been told.
  • Lone_Wolf70
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    Reporting....for duty. *FARTTTTT
  • iAMsmiling
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    Mine are pretty impressive in their machine gun style when I'm alone..but in public it's all about the practice of the *kitten* clenching technique (anal kegels?) to make it come out silent. This way i could blame someone else and laugh.

    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • Lifting_Knitter
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    Reporting....for duty. *FARTTTTT

    This made me laugh so hard...:laugh:
  • Gusman14
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    I love hammering the smelliest ones out in a silent display by my wife and daughter and slowly leave the room and wait for the response. Nothing makes me giggle more than that.
  • Ashwee87
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    The worst is when you let a really loud and long one out and nobody is there to high five you :frown:
  • billsica
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  • Ashwee87
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    Not at the same time, of course, or the earth would fly out of orbit.

    I almost peed myself when I read this. xD