From NOT to HOT! Everyone post your pics! :)



  • bregalad5
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    I did a face picture today... Hopefully I'm not the only one who sees a huge difference.
    (sorry about the size. Right click - view image to see the picture on the right)
  • Bettyeditor
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    Before, during and after!


    Holy ****!
    HUGE fem crush on those abs ... amazing ((pulls jaw up off the floor)).

    Me too! LOVE the abs! I would love to get the abs but don't know if I have the want at this point to change my eating habits so drastically!!! Definitely inspiring though!

    That's true, building that kind of muscle takes a LOT of extra calories and a LOT of extra protein. All that shopping, cooking, chewing... But I on the other hand would welcome that kind of drastic change to my eating habits. Bring on the weight training!
  • beatlebomb
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    I have been going through all these pictures and congratulations everyone!!!!! Thank you for posting these you have inspired me beyond belief tonight. Very nice when starting a weekend. What a great idea you had asking for people to do this. Thank you a million times thank you!!! Have a nice weekend all and Happy Journey's
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  • Naturally_EB
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    awesome job! you look great @mcgrawhaha

    Very motivational. I'm also 5'10" and I'm aiming for a GW of 155.
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  • cupcakes_and_cardio
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    YOU ALL look so amazing! Such hard work put in and look what you've all done! Great job to every single of you guys that posted your pictures on here, you're all my motivation and inspiration!!
  • jenns717
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    You are most definitely are a success story! Great job and great inspiration!
  • Well done keep at it
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    You are all amazing people. Be proud of all your accomplishments :happy:
  • mfpseven
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    I found this old picture yesterday & wanted to share. Kind of hard to even look at :/


    Hot damn girl that is amazing!
  • sweetpea129
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    Thanks! Im not sure if i want to cry for letting myself get that bad or if i want to cry becuase of what i've accomplished lol :drinker:
  • mrslosser
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    You look great and you should be SO PROUD of yourself for all your hard work and dedication. We all have been places we had rather not have been but that is what makes us who we are today and you can be proud of that woman. So look at that and know that you are never going back but LOVE that person too-for they were instrumental in making the new you. :)
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    U look GREAT!!!! I wait to get back to my old self! What is your secret?
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