$100 for a pair of jeans..would you do it?



  • ellaloveslove
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    If you can spare the money then go for it! Plus jeans last forever so it's an investment really :wink:
  • xinit0
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    Well, you are waiting for goal weight...........smarter than me!!! Back in Nov., before MFP, my daughter talked me into buying a pair of skinny jeans...............j. crew...........more than I ever spent. Started MFP mid-Jan. and now, 25lbs. later, they just fall off and they sure aren't "skinny" on me anymore........have them on a pile for the consignment store!!!

    Find a tailor... they can work magic. I had a couple suits made 30lbs ago... way cheaper to have them altered than to get them made again. For maybe $20, you might be able to revive those jeans.
  • rob1976
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    When my wife got within 25lbs of her goal weight, I went and bought her 2 pairs of Miss Me's at $100/pair and 2 pairs of Rock Revivals at $150/pair.
  • I_Will_End_You
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    Absolutely. When I get my tax return, the first thing I do is buy a $200 pair of jeans (Paige brand...they're amazing) and they're worth every penny. If you're like me and wear jeans nearly every day during the fall/winter/spring....$100 is not a big deal to spend on them. And they'll probably last forever.
  • Athena53
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    I believe in buying well-made things and wearing them till they fall apart. The heck with whatever the fashion mavens say is this season's "must-have" style or color. I have a camel winter coat and a couple of cashmere sweaters that are older than my son, who just got married a couple of months ago. I won't tell you what I spend to have my business suits custom-made in the US. I put my kid through college with no loans, I pay my taxes, I've got healthy retirement savings. This is one of the things i choose to do with what's left over.

    But a $100 pair of jeans? Not if they're made in a country where the workers are paid crap wages to work long hours in dangerous conditions so the jeans company can make a higher profit. Typically my jeans come from Marshall's and cost a lot less than that.
  • elgray26
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    They are only worth the money if you will get your $100 back by wearing them until they fall off your body!
  • etoiles_argentees
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    Of course!
  • littlelaura
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    I found the perfect pair of jeans last spring and they were over $80 they are still in that store, heck no I would never pay that for clothing. If you like it and its your reward sure go for it as a splurge but that's crazy money. They better make your poop smell like roses if they cost that much!:flowerforyou:
  • SmartAlec03211988
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    I've never paid more than $25 for jeans, and that is my limit.

    My secret is I shop clearance. I've seen $180 pairs of jeans on clearance, marked town three or four times, for $25. So I might just be wearing the same premium brand as a guy next to me, but paid nearly nothing while he paid a fortune.
  • Im_NotPerfect
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    The only item of clothing I'm willing to pay $100+ for is shoes. You can't replace your feet so treat them right! Jeans?? Hell No! I get ill paying $40 for a pair of Levi's!
  • simplycorey
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    I have spent that on jeans but a few years later, even though they've lasted, they're out of style and I don't like them as much. I am pretty frugal now and can't/won't spend $100 on jeans. I have found some awesome stuff at thrift stores though. I recently bought a brand new with tags Miss Me skirt that was normally $68 for $4. You can find a lot for $100. ;)
  • imhungry2012
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    Yes. If you love them do it, you will not regret it.

    I just bought a pair of AG jens from anthropology and love wearing them...pair them with a cheap forever 21 shirt and it's not that bad!
  • skinnyinnotime
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    There is place called forever21 where I can get 5 pairs with that money lol. So for me no but am a guy what do i know.

    Absolutely nothing
  • BAMFMeredith
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    If you've got the money to spend (meaning you're not living off ramen for 2 weeks so you can buy some jeans), then go for it. If it will cause you stress financially, don't do it. Also, if you're not at your weight loss goal, I wouldn't spend a significant amount of money on any clothing items just for practical reasons. My favorite brands of jeans, that fit like a dream, run somewhere in the $150-$220 range, depending on the style, and right now since I'm watching my money (moving and paying for my wedding), and I've still got some weight to lose, I wouldn't buy a pair. But once I'm at my goal and have the financial flexibility? You bet your sweet *kitten* I'm getting a pair or two.
  • atb0821
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    I've spent that on Express jeans. But they're one of the whopping two brands that fit me right, so I invested. And yes it was absolutely an investment because I wear them constantly.
  • SaraBrown12
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    I would say spending $100 on a pair of "treat" jeans for hitting your goal is practical. If you have these expensive jeans that you adore, they are your motivation to stay on track when you have to maintain your goal weight and prevent the LB's creeping back on. The way they fit can be your "guideline". Also You deserve an out of the ordinary treat, what u did to lose the LB's in the 1st place is worthy of a reward because it was tuff. When it becomes fun to clothes shop is priceless, embrace it and treat yourself. You will feel a million dollars when you go out in your new jeans!!!! You cannot put a price on that feeling.

    Go get em!!! xx
  • apothecarist
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  • BAMFMeredith
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    I've never paid more than $25 for jeans, and that is my limit.

    My secret is I shop clearance. I've seen $180 pairs of jeans on clearance, marked town three or four times, for $25. So I might just be wearing the same premium brand as a guy next to me, but paid nearly nothing while he paid a fortune.

    I'm big on hunting clearance and Nordstrom Rack too, sometimes TJ Maxx has the brands I like for half the price as well. Ain't no shame in getting a good deal on a high quality piece of clothing!
  • bcattoes
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    No, I would not. I'm at that stage in life where the money wouldn't be an issue, but I still wouldn't do it. I just don't spend that kind of money on clothes.
  • bumblebums
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    I have.