Saltiest foods you can think of...



  • LFDBabs
    LFDBabs Posts: 297 Member
    Capers and pickles immediately came to mind.
  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,139 Member
    Bacala- salt cod
  • peachfigs
    peachfigs Posts: 831 Member
    Peanuts, salted cashews, some cheeses (usually blue), any 'smoked' fish...
  • HappyElizabeth
    HappyElizabeth Posts: 231 Member
    An excuse to add Peperoncini's and pickles to everything!!
  • AbbyCar
    AbbyCar Posts: 198 Member
    Jerky. Sports drinks.
  • DownrangeDave57
    DownrangeDave57 Posts: 16 Member
    Beef jerky, pretty much any breakfast meat, pretty much any prepared soup, most frozen meals. Sodium is almost too easy to find, at least for me.
  • karllundy
    karllundy Posts: 1,490 Member
    Any kind of deli meat, olives or pickles, cheese (especially cottage cheese), whole grain crackers or bread, salad dressing and package rice/noodles. Chips actually don't have that much - it is on the surface though, so you really taste it.
  • born2be_me
    born2be_me Posts: 26 Member
    My parents always ate cantaloupe and watermelon with salt sprinkled on top. It's a healthy sweet with the salty lightly added to it.
  • CallMeCupcakeDammit
    CallMeCupcakeDammit Posts: 9,495 Member
    Creamed chipped beef from the mess hall
  • Seajolly
    Seajolly Posts: 1,435 Member
    Olives! Yum!
  • Big_Bad
    Big_Bad Posts: 57

    My sister used to be obsessed with salty foods. Like would add salt to canned soup. And she loves that stuff. I think it's quite tasty too!
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,251 Member
    Sushi & soy sauce.
  • peachfigs
    peachfigs Posts: 831 Member

    LOL! Or a salt lick?
  • susieoj
    susieoj Posts: 181
    mmm beef jerkey!
  • kateauch
    kateauch Posts: 195 Member
    Beef jerky! - very low in cals but high in sodium. Same for lox.
  • hickory smoked almonds....... mmmmmmmmmm.............. now you're making my mouth water! :)
  • jessicapk
    jessicapk Posts: 586 Member
    Boiled peanuts! That's normally the only thing that's bad about them!
  • kvandeman
    kvandeman Posts: 527 Member
    A quart of soy sauce has approx .35lbs of salt...a kid here ended up in a coma for drinking it on a dare.
  • koshkasmum
    koshkasmum Posts: 276 Member
    Kim Chee. Salty, spicy, yummy - and really low calorie. You can eat it as is (like you would any snack) or add it to fried rice, noodle dishes, etc.

    Or the European equivalent, sauerkraut. Also very few calories.
  • BigDaddyRonnie
    BigDaddyRonnie Posts: 506 Member
    Creamed chipped beef, *kitten* on a shingle as we call it in these parts.