Going cold turkey on chocolate forever



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    You wanna do what about Chocolate?

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    100 calorie choc chip muesli bars helped me kick my chocolate addiction. I stay far away from chocolate bars and blocks and things covered in chocolate but i've found the muesli bars to be filling and only have a few choc chips so its a treat without the risk of going overboard.

    I also remind myself that i've got the rest of my life to eat chocolate.

    And when i think about the copious amounts of junk i've eaten everyday over the past 4 years (which is A LOT) i realise i don't need anymore of it, it never made me happy and it never made me feel good it was just a waste of money and a coping mechanism that didn't really work.
  • ARE U ALL MAD......give up chocolate? Never never never, dieting is hard enough without the odd treat. I count mine into my calories purposefully, and found that by NOT restricting myself to giving up chocolate, I didn't actually eat it everyday, well not as much ha ha. Reverse psychology, the more you tell yourself you mustn't the more you want it. I'm still loosing with cheat days too, don't think i'd get through such a restrictive and disciplined week without it.

    Days where I've warded off the chocolate pangs just came full force at the end of the week instead and ended up in massive binges.
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    Before everyone jumps down my throat for this, I don't think it's a good idea for everyone to cut out sugar--I myself eat ice cream on a daily basis now. But if it is a matter of adherence for you, it's worth trying.

    I don't know why anyone would jump down your throat for it.

    It's good and sensible advice in view.

    Actually, I just edited my post in light of add'l information about OP's current weight. I don't think she should be restricting calories at her current weight.

    Oh, I see what you mean.

    Maybe this is a psychological issue rather than a physiological one...
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    Never say never.

    I have an olive addiction. I can never stop at five or ten. If a jar is in the fridge..gone. So, I don't keep them in my house. Simple as that. I still treat myself to them. But keeping them in the house where i can over do it.. i just don't.

    So, don't give up your chocolate..just never have it in the house. Go for the dark chocolate is is richer and satisfies with a small piece. . it is lower in calories and good for your health.. I do up to 90% cocoa. I used to eat a square at bedtime..but the last few times I ate a few moret ...so I'm not buying it for a while.
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    I eat dark chocolate instead and limit myself to a few blocks. And if I really have cravings, I will drink hot chocolate if I don't have enough calories in the day to eat a whole bar. But if I had enough, I would factor it in with my calories for the day. :flowerforyou:

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    Learning to moderate your eating of ANY food is the key to success. If you love chocolate that much, then denying yourself any is going to backfire on you big time. Buy only a small amount each day and work it into your calories for the day.

    Being successful at weight loss is about learning to eat the right foods to keep you at a healthy weight. The road is paved with tons of people who have denied all their cravings and lost weight. And then gained it back once they started eating normally again. Do yourself a favor and learn to do it right from the beginning. Good luck!

    ^^^ this

    seriously... never going to have chocolate ever again in your entire life....? Find a way to eat chocolate without it taking you over your calorie limit

    also double check that your current calorie goal is actually giving you enough to eat. If your deficit is too big, then you will end up having cravings for sweet and/or fatty things (chocolate is both) and/or a tendency to binge. It's a lot better to have a smaller deficit, go for slower (but sustainable) fat loss, with a number that you can stick to in the long term, and you'll be able to afford the calories to be able to eat chocolate. It may take longer to get to goal, but if you're going to be able to stay there for life, then who really cares if it takes longer to get there? Think long term.
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    Hi there - 2 things that kill the craving ive found:

    Mullers Light Yogurt with sprinkled chocolate - 99kals and you can really taste the chocolate.
    Options Indulgance Chocolate Brownie Drink - 60kals ish and its chocolate overload....

    Hope this helps
    I seriously hate myself, I can't control my chocolate cravings. I don't have a problem with savoury crisps. I live in hostel/college where there is a vending machine. If there is money in my wallet, 100% of the time I will go down and get me some chocolate.

    The problem is, I usually go for a run, eat clean for the first half of the day, then ruin my night with chocolate (exceeding my calorie intake). I hate myself and I can't stop this damn addiction. The only solution for me is to go cold turkey on chocolate because once I have a taste of chocolate, I can't resist it. Has anyone given up chocolate completely and how are they going along with it?
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    I love the 21 day idea......I quit smoking years ago cold turkey......I think after 3-4 weeks I didn't miss it! I am a boredom eater especially at night in the summer when I don't work and can stay up late. I'm having a problem with this :-(
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    I use it as a reward. If I work out on the treadmill (fast walk 2-3 miles) I can have a Lindt truffle or a small Halloween sized treat. They run around 80 calories so I have a net loss of about 300 calories. For me it is a way to not give up something I love and still not sabotage all my hard work.
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    I love chocolate :) I think I'm going to pick some up on my lunch break today. It'll be super dark. I'll take a couple squares and put the rest in the work freezer.

    Freezing it really helps me (and keeping it away from my desk). I'd have to get up vs mindlessly open my drawer and devour. Then I'll have to wait for it to thaw a little vs risking sore teeth. It helps me really decide if I want it and I'll plan it into my diary for the day. If it fits then I'll get it out of the freezer, wait a few minutes, and enjoy.
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    I was going to suggest what others have suggested - dark chocolate in moderation but EVERY day. Also, OP your stats show you're already underweight and trying to lose more. Please see your doctor.
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    You wanna do what about Chocolate?

    Forget that vending machine, it's not your friend ........ that stuff is just sugar in disguise, and sugar is the enemy ......

    Buy REAL chocolate, the dark stuff is better for you anyway ....... dole out some each evening with a hot drink ......

    It takes a while, but you can change bad habits into good habits :drinker:
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    I was going to suggest what others have suggested - dark chocolate in moderation but EVERY day. Also, OP your stats show you're already underweight and trying to lose more. Please see your doctor.

    I'm glad someone else looked in OP's profile... Please listen, OP--your body is trying to tell you something.
  • As others have said, I also feel that dark chocolate curbs my craving for sweets faster than milk chocolate. I wouldnt give it up forever, but maybe if you stop eating it for just a month it will help you to keep your moderation under control when you start eating it again.

    I have done that with certain foods (like special desserts I make) and it works pretty well for me.
  • Why not have something like those aldi fit and active chocolate fudge bars? (There are other brands too such as WW). They're about 100 calories per bar, and are sssooo good. I've had one every day, and its no problem. Of course, you have to like ice cream. Lol.
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    I was just taking about this today!! I was able to give up burgers and mayonnaise which I used to love. But sweet stuff is a whole other story!! I have chocolate or a cupcake or ice cream every day. So hard to give up!!
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    Cutting out favorite foods are usually the reason people regain back lost weight. Just save some daily calories for it and discipline yourself to eat just enough.

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    you do what you have to do. I gave up bread and gluten a few years ago and have never looked back. I don't miss it anymore. I will never go back. If you have a will of steal and are strong like me I say go for it. Don't listen to the naysayers. I am very stubborn and had no control over bread. It also made me super tired. Giving up bread and gluten was a very good thing for me. Only YOU know what is right for YOU. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    Chocolate addict. Here is what I'm doing for the cravings (I totally have chocolate, and I try not to lose control) http://midwestkitchenwitch.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-cure-chocolate-cravings.html