Uh oh... Another girl who got bulky lifting. w/ pics



  • melissan84
    melissan84 Posts: 493 Member
    wow, amazing job. just 12 weeks you look great!
  • daveymac1
    daveymac1 Posts: 784 Member
    WOW!!! You are sexy *kitten* HOT!!!!!
  • IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym
    IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym Posts: 5,573 Member
    great job!!
  • rodneyderrick
    rodneyderrick Posts: 483 Member
    You did an awesome job. You're a super trooper.
  • jennieg01
    jennieg01 Posts: 11 Member
    wow! you go girl!
  • Melissa22G
    Melissa22G Posts: 847 Member
    Great work! You look wonderful!
  • JenHollandsworth
    JenHollandsworth Posts: 25 Member
    Great job! I love how you used the newspaper for proof. Haha! Keep up the great work! :)
  • DonnieFoozball
    DonnieFoozball Posts: 12 Member
    Congrats and good work! Enjoy your results! (And don't stop now...) I love to laugh at the myth that lifting = bulking. You are a great example of fitness, motivation, and results!
  • Shannonpurple
    Shannonpurple Posts: 268 Member
    Why does she have a newspaper in every picture?? am I missing a joke?
  • Scubanana7
    Scubanana7 Posts: 361 Member
    If you work out at a gym....you do realize you are throwing a lot of guys "OFF" their workouts !!!!! I guarantee they are missing all kinds of reps taking sneaky peeks at you!

    Gorgeous Lady! You ROCK that bikini! :blushing:
  • Yanicka1
    Yanicka1 Posts: 4,564 Member
    Why does she have a newspaper in every picture?? am I missing a joke?

    It is as proof of the date.
  • aamberrr
    aamberrr Posts: 115 Member
    Why does she have a newspaper in every picture?? am I missing a joke?

    I entered a contest through bodybuilding.com and they require the newspaper as proof of the date. This way they don't have people handing in a before picture followed by a picture of them 10 years ago or something.
  • noKTdidnt
    noKTdidnt Posts: 61 Member
    Hey! I recognize that paper. You're local to me!!

    I just got started on lifting, starting with the stronglifts 5x5 for 12 weeks. Thanks for giving me some inspiration!
  • aamberrr
    aamberrr Posts: 115 Member
    Wow guys, thanks again for all these positive comments! I honestly never expected what 12 weeks could bring! For those of you who are asking, here is roughly what I followed... If anybody has more questions, feel free to add me and/or message me.

    Working Out: This was almost all done just through lifting. I did add in a little running interval cardio for the last few weeks, just to pump it up even more for the end of the contest, but I'd say about 10 of the weeks was lifting alone. I followed Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding 12 week program, which is a 5 day split program. The program consists of the major power lifting moves (squat, deadlift, benchpress), alone with some more isolated bodybuilding lifts. Every 4 weeks, the number of power lifting reps lowers and you add more weight. The reps for the isolated sets stays the same. I lifted as heavy as I could on all the exercises (My personal best/favorite/proudest is squat, which I got up to 205lbs on. This was on 5 sets of 2; but just to see if I could, I upped the reps and did 4 on the fourth set and 6 on the final set). Although his program calls for cardio and abs every night, I did not do this part. Five days a week in the gym for an hour lifting felt like enough, haha! Here is the link to the program if you're interested:


    Diet: I did not eat wheat, sugar, dairy (except for whey protein shakes), or processed foods. People will complain that this is too restrictive and unrealistic in our world; I honestly did not have trouble with it and will continue to follow this eating plan. After the first week, my cravings for the foods I cut out were gone, and I felt better than ever eating this way. My diet consisted almost entirely of meat, veggies, eggs, nuts, and some fruit. I did eat oatmeal or rice, but no more than once per day, so grain carbs were still a part of my diet, just not a big part. I did not drink any alcohol during this time. I also did not have any "cheat" meals or days, since this was for a contest and I wanted to do the best I could in 12 weeks. From this point on, I plan on continuing to follow this eating plan, but I will have a cheat MEAL (not an entire day) once a month, maybe less than that until I get my body looking more how I'd like it to.

    I hope that helps - Like I said, if anybody has more questions, feel free to message me. :)
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    You look SO good!! I just started lifting heavy and I hope to have great results like yours!! You have inspired me :)
  • mcibty
    mcibty Posts: 1,252 Member
    12 weeks? Amazing.

    Clearly I need to try this.
  • Nissi51
    Nissi51 Posts: 381 Member
    Excellent results and execution over that 12 weeks! Will be exciting to see what you do long term!!! Go get it:)
  • Looking awesome! Great change!
  • keepongoingnmw
    keepongoingnmw Posts: 371 Member
    12 weeks? Amazing.

    Clearly I need to try this.

    Wow, that is a nice bicep there!
  • seena511
    seena511 Posts: 685 Member
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