This is probably a bit sad, but...



  • paynebearclan
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    I once did a Couch to 5k plan. I never went passed the first time. It KICKED my butt. So happy for you! You must have felt great afterwards. (Maybe not physically). I can't even imagine WALKING 2 minutes at this point. I can't believe I let myself get to this point.'s not "sad"'s AWESOME! YOU GO GIRL!!
  • beesareyellow
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    Well done! The first time I tried to run, I almost made it to 30 seconds and had to rest for two days. That was two years ago. Yesterday I felt like an easy run so I ran six miles in about an hour. It took me weeks to work up to two minutes at first. Then I found c25k, continued with bridge to 10 k, and am now on my second round of training for a half marathon.
    You are amazing to me for being able to do two minutes first time out. Take it slow, there is no rush. The only person you have to impress is yourself :)
  • nolongerXXL
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    You rock!!! This is not sad, but freaking awesome!!!! You're amazing!!
  • Lemongiggles
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    It’s not sad at all! The important thing is that you are MOVING! This ran is completely fantastic! We are proud of you! Don't stop! 2 minutes can turn into 3 minutes, then 4 minutes, and then you are running miles! Way to go girl!
  • daniellemm1
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    That is not pathetic at all. I almost cried the first time I ran for two minutes because I didn't think I could do it and I did. Anything that you can do is a step in the right direction. There is no small victories!!! Keep moving for your health!!
  • jody664
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    Good job! When I first started with the C25K program, I couldn't even run 30 seconds. Be proud of yoursef!!
  • Timshel_
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    I ran.


    Edited for troof!

    There ya go!
  • Dollymaker
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    Not a bit pathetic -- you're awesome!!!
  • sc10985
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    That's not sad that's great! When I started exercising again I could only run for a minute or less lol. I had NO stamina. Four months later I'm up to 35 mins nonstop. You will get there!
  • doriharvey
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    Not sad at all, you did great. Then it is only baby steps to make each day better than the last.
  • teachmom32
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    I had endometriosis for 16 years before I finally got rid of it. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. Best decision I've ever made! Now I can actually work out and just do normal daily activities without constant pain! Good luck in your journey.
  • justaloozer
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    I am on week 2 of C25K and I certainly don't think this is ridiculous! :) WTG!
  • karebearandken
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    That's not just a minor's a MAJOR victory!! WAY TO GO!!!!! :smile:
  • hkmurphy83
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    That is a great NSV! Running is hard enough for people without medical difficulties. I remember the first time I ran 2 block without stopping. I felt like I'd just finished a marathon. Keep up the good work!
  • ldrosophila
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    I cried when I ran a minute and a half
  • CorvusCorax77
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    you did something that you once thought you couldn't do....

    NOTHING pathetic about it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady1945
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    So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will win with positive actions like that.
  • ironmonkeystyle
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    KICK *kitten*!!! go you!!!!
  • LearnFromTheRed
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    So pleased to hear that some people have been inspired by this - what an unexpected bonux! Again, thank you all for your amazing words. I seem to have woken up OK this morning, although I had a bit of trouble sleeping.

    I think I might just try that again :)
  • harriett70
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    Way to go!! I am happy for you.