Pics -100lbs gone and I will wear this bikini in public



  • BSBgirl337
    BSBgirl337 Posts: 119 Member
    Wow! You look amazing!!! Great job!!! :)
  • MrsScheidt
    MrsScheidt Posts: 207 Member
    You look sooooo amazing!!!!!!
  • tomwatso
    tomwatso Posts: 1,304 Member
    Fantastic loss. Really good work.
  • Berniebutt773
    Berniebutt773 Posts: 28 Member
    I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing
  • arixterkelley
    arixterkelley Posts: 11 Member
    A true inspiration! Best yet! Take a bow!
  • Awesome should brag becasue you did the hard work...
  • keyariloses
    keyariloses Posts: 74 Member
    Words cannot describe your awesomeness!
  • heidibluegirl
    heidibluegirl Posts: 32 Member
    You better werk that bikini, girl!
  • lilcassers
    lilcassers Posts: 163
    holy crap HOT Superwoman ;-)
  • senyosmom
    senyosmom Posts: 621 Member
    You look amazing!!!! How did you fix the loose skin? And the superman bikini is so effin cute!
  • CrimsonNBlues
    CrimsonNBlues Posts: 43 Member
    Holy Cow! What a transformation!
  • sammyantics
    sammyantics Posts: 191 Member
    You look AMAZING! Inspiring! I needed this today! Thank you!
    You read my mind.

    way to go.
  • binnyblonde
    binnyblonde Posts: 10 Member
    HOT MAMMA! You are inspirational :0)
  • sunnybear39
    sunnybear39 Posts: 60 Member
    Congratulations and thanks for posting- you are truly an inspiration!
  • :O wow stunning!!! so inspiring, well done, you look amazing!!
  • theepervette
    theepervette Posts: 638 Member
    you look so beautiful!!! what amazing hard work youve done!
    im so shock your body appears to have no loose skin !
  • Graham_077
    Graham_077 Posts: 67 Member
    Amazing result. You look great.
  • lilsweetslol
    lilsweetslol Posts: 68 Member
    Holy Crap! what an amazing transformation! Very inspiring !! Makes me want to run harder today. thank you so much for sharing!
  • LesaDave
    LesaDave Posts: 1,481 Member
    You look great! And you have the right to brag.

    Go on and wear that bikini!! And...CONGRATS!!
  • Emmalizasc
    Emmalizasc Posts: 4 Member
    Oh my god!!! Well done!!! You do look so beautiful, did you maintain this? I can't seem to get below 56 kilos and stay there so I'm just looking for advice on that . Im back up to 60 kg ( 130) also did you say you didn't do much exercise? U don't even look skinny fat. You look amazing! Thanks :)