What triggered your weight gain?

Here is mine:

I was always the fat kid. At 14 I did the 30 day shred. I was obsessed. Too strict. And I was doing it WRONG. I kept dieting and dieting untill the age of 16 when I couldn't take it anymore and just started eating like crap and didn't budge. I would blame our situation but it was really all because I was emotionnaly screwed up and didn't know how to handle it, I didn't look after my health anymore.
When I started gaining weight again, it made me even more depressed. I had no support from my family and I kept getting comments like "oh dear, you gained weight" whenever I visited my family in Lebanon (Lebanon, my dear friends, is all about IMAGE). So for some screwed up reason, I turned to bingeing. At the same time I wanted to starve myself. It was binge-starve rollercoaster that made me gain alot of fat. Later on I moved to Lebanon and my sister (who currently studies Physical education) kicked my brains into thinking right and making me beleive that I'm worth more than I think. So I went back to eating healthy and working out, treating my body how it is supposed to be treated. So all in all, I gained and lost the same 20 pounds twice.

TRUTH: What motivates me, every time I want to give up, is my past self. I NEVER ever want to be that person ever again. Every time I think of the bad comments, the judgemental looks, and the way I used to feel, that's one more rep. Show them who you are, and most importantly, show YOURSELF who you are. My body is not, has never been and will never be perfect. But I love it and that is why I want to treat it as good as I possible can from now on.

I would love to hear your side :) Also, feel free to add me up. I love helping out.


  • Cutting4life
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    ate too much
  • Amellej
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    Pregnancy (enjoyed too much food)
  • MsDover
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    I had hit my goal and was maintaining and then had eye surgery. I had to stay completely immobile, face down, for a week then take it very easy for 6 weeks after that, plus had to take Prednisone which made me ravenously hungry. I regained 6 pounds that I'm having a hard time getting back on track to lose.
  • Pookylou
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    Pizza. Comfort eating. Not exercising. For me there wasn't a single moment, that sparked my gain, it was a slow creep up!
  • laurynwithawhy
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    I was always overweight as a kid. I just didn't understand nutrition. I would eat tons of really calorie dense food like hot dogs and ice cream floats and cake. Like, as one meal. I was always active so I couldn't understand why I wasn't thin. Doing sports like gymnastics and cheerleading and track kept me "in shape", but I was still way too heavy. Once I went to college I kind of figured it out, luckily. Sometimes it scares me to think where I could have ended up if I hadn't learned.
  • Lifestyle changes, education, jobs, moving around, relationship woes(, pregnancy, etc. I did lots and lots of comfort eating throughout it all & I gained lots and lots of weight every single time.
  • kzakian
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    I gained quite a bit of weight when I got married. I love good food and my husband is an amazing cook who likes to eat too. We're both trying to get it under control now so we don't sabotage each other and so that we can have a healthy slim marriage.
  • aquarabbit
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    My move to Chicago where I was on my own for the first time. I also got into my current relationship at that time. So I was 21, with my own life without any family interference (which was never bad, I had just never been more than 5 minutes from a family member), and had a new boyfriend and friends who loved to go out. The thing is, I was never unhappy. I wasn't a comfort eater, I was a social eater. We love to throw parties with lots of great food and beer and the more I'm around people, the more I eat. Going out right now is a very very big treat. It's been a SIMPLE change, although not an EASY one. Finding other things to do with friends that don't revolve around food was key for me.
  • crandos
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    ate too much

    Yep this
  • Xoe4
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    My parents getting divorced started it, depression continued it. Having brought my depression under control it's time to regain control over my body too.
  • darvin1023
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    I was just dumb and ate too much -thinking I still have a metabolism of a teenager. LOL.
    I have several "wake-up calls" that lead me to change to a healthier lifestyle. Most of them are funny reality checks too.

    One was "the scale." -The maximum capacity of my bathroom scale was 250 lbs. When I "HAD TO" buy a new scale just to know my weight, all i could do was laugh a how dumb i was to let myself go like that. LOL.

    The second and funniest one was "the bump on the road." -I was driving, and i hit a bump on the road. And for the first time in my life, I felt my belly JIGGLE. I was like: "What...The... F**k... was... that?!!!"
    I did not know bellies can jiggle like that. LOL.

    After that, i was like: "Yeah, Darvin! You're fat! Time to do something about it!"

    Another funny story was: When I actually "TRIED to jog," -emphasis on the word "TRIED."
    I was all motivated as heck. Ready to change my life.
    I was like: "Okay! Today is the day I will jog! I'm gonna go for 1 mile today!!!!'"

    So, I changed into my new jogging clothes, put on my jogging shoes, and walked outside the door.
    I jogged for about HALF a block, (and this is a small suburban block, mind you.) and i was already out of breath. I was sweating, panting, and my side was already hurting.
    I was like "WTF? Seriously!?!!!"
    I didn't know I was THAT out of shape. LOL.

    So, i walked back into my house. drank some water, sat down and told myself: "Well, you can feel all defeated now. But you have to start some where. Right?"
    So, i the next day, i decided to walk to the gym that's a block away from my house, and was like: "Al right! Lets start with something EASY"
    I tried the elliptical ...and I was hooked with going to the gym from then on.
  • jennfranklin
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    I would have to blame it on the fact that I have this rare condition called to much food to mouth disease.
  • clairyfairy247
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    I used to work in a shop. My eating habits weren't the healthiest but my activity level was high.
    A few years ago, I started working in an office. I'll leave you to do the math :laugh:
  • COLLEGE!! A college budget meant cheap unhealthy food.. costco pizza and churros were my complete and utter weakness. Plus working at a froyo shop didn't help... that stuff really isn't that healthy especially when its a 3 oz serving size.
  • darvin1023
    darvin1023 Posts: 52 Member
    I would have to blame it on the fact that I have this rare condition called to much food to mouth disease.

    LOL at This.
    Word is, that decease has been going around now.
  • iwannabeonthebeach
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    Combination of sedentary lifestlye, stress-induced bad food choices, then the menopause. The first two I can do something about (and I am doing), the last one I just need to come out of the other end and hope that my new-found good habits will eventually pay off.
  • bunbunzee44
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    I didn't exercise and I drank a lot of weekends. alcohol makes me just eat everything.
  • mellyish
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    At 14 y.o (I'm 19 now) I was a skinny, normal healthy kid. Then my parents, after chaotic events, got divorced. Over the summer in the beginning of the divorce I gained probably 30lbs and over the next 4 years it kept going up til I had hit 183, having gained 63lbs I finally decided, "*kitten* this" and got on track. I am currently down 37.2lbs and am nowhere near done with my journey.
  • AztecKermit
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    An injury and being unable to return to work causing a dramatic drop in exercise levels coupled with medication that causes extremely fast weight gain started the spiral for me.
    Going from being extremely active to being unable to do anything for quite a while takes its toll unfortunately.
  • nikkibl
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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia just over 3 years ago, i was always very slim weighing in at only 9stone but im 5 foot 11! i always struggled with gaining weight until i got ill. the pain from the fibro stopped me from working and exercising. In 6 months I had gained 3 stone! I had to give up all my fitness and gym classes even stop working full time. The easiest thing was to sit still it meant less pain. Ive slowly got back up to working full time and have been doing so for a while so now its time to try and ditch some of the weight I have!