What NSV did you have this week?



  • xLexa
    xLexa Posts: 482 Member
    Fitted comfortably into a pair of work pants that I bought 2 months ago without trying on and didn't zip up when I tried them. Did not change them made a decision to get into them and finally did this week. :)
  • NaomiJFoster
    NaomiJFoster Posts: 1,450 Member
    I have a FULL jar of Nutella sitting in my cabinet. It is unopened. It has been waiting for me for 3 days. But I haven't had room in my diary for it yet. So...the fact that it is still there is simply amazing.
  • Rockmyskinnyjeans
    Rockmyskinnyjeans Posts: 431 Member
    1. I fit into size 3/4 SLIM fit Silver jeans at Maurices, which I never would have even tried on in the past because I've always had larger thighs (I'm a pear shape)

    2. My mom finally acknowledged that I have done well with my weight loss, plus asked if I had some clothes that might fit her from before I lost the weight. I didn't even realize that she'd liked the way I dressed. Very big NSV for me.

    3. I started ChaLEAN Extreme and I love it! I can't wait to keep going with it and do more of the Beachbody programs!
  • Cp731
    Cp731 Posts: 3,195 Member
    um, I cleaned my house, I know it sounds ridiculous, frankly I haven't had much passion to do anything, but this week fueled a fire in me that hasn't been lit in awhile, clean body, clean mind, clean house so this was my NSV
  • MommaChocoLatte
    MommaChocoLatte Posts: 389 Member
    I bought a new size bra and some one at work called me skinny, what?!!?!!
  • Juggernaut_D
    Juggernaut_D Posts: 149 Member
    The clerk at the hotel checked my photo ID to compare to my credit card and wouldn't believe me at first that it was me on the card! Once I convinced her it was me, she said, "You look very good now."
  • Cbefitforlife
    Cbefitforlife Posts: 83 Member
    losing inches in my waist finally after my 3rd pregnancy. Clothes are fitting better, starting to get my hour glass figure back, and I am starting to see definition in my ab area, that I have not seen for 3 yrs.
  • callas444
    callas444 Posts: 261 Member
    I didn't binge. Wanted to, didn't.
  • XTSH
    XTSH Posts: 129 Member
    Belt tighten by a notch and that notch has never been used until today. :)
  • aerochic42
    aerochic42 Posts: 822 Member
    I kept stepping on the back of my new jeans with my heel, because my butt and hips have shrunk

    Plantar Facitis (sp) is hurting less in the morning or after sitting still for a while.
  • momsgettinhealthy
    momsgettinhealthy Posts: 26 Member
    Made it through the entire 30DS video without stopping for the first time in the 5 days I have been doing it! I was stoked!
  • blc1971
    blc1971 Posts: 170 Member
    I got in my husband's pants!! LOL!! I tried on his size 34 cargo shorts (which are, admittedly, a little loose on him) and was able to button and zip them up! I had major muffin-top and would never wear them in public but I couldn't believe I was able to get them on. YAY!!! :blushing:
  • Madele1ne
    Madele1ne Posts: 23 Member
    long-time lurker... first-time poster.

    I bought a new T-shirt in a smaller size, and it fitted me perfectly! (I'm now a 12 (Aust) up top, and a 16 below - meh)
    Entered all my food for the day at breakfast, and then ate it (as opposed to 'seeing how I feel later' and ending up eating junk)

    My mother-in-law noticed.

    Went back to my place of work after 8 weeks working at home. Loads of stairs - no huffing and puffing!

    Ran 9km on Sunday

    Tried on a bunch of dresses from the back of the wardrobe (you know, the 'one day' section) and they fitted! One in particular was too big around the bust. I remember trying it on to wear to a party and being disgusted that the zipper wouldn't stay closed. Now it falls down.

    and ... feel like I can do this, it's not a phase.

    Keep it up everyone!!
    (PS. Screw you, scales.)
  • itsanatalia
    itsanatalia Posts: 56 Member
    My fingers swell up a lot, even before I gained weight, so I rarely ever wear a ring my boyfriend got me because it becomes uncomfortable. This weekend I was able to wear it with no problems!

    A pair of size 18 shorts I bought at target about 1 month ago fall off my hips now... time to belt them up!

    I will admit, NSV can be very satisfying.

    Keep going everyone!
  • onematch
    onematch Posts: 241 Member
    Did my best time ever on my C25K walk/run.
    Didn't drink any alcohol in the past 10 days.
    No knee pain when walking up and down stairs.

    I feel so good! Why did I wait so long to do this?
  • moxiecowgirl
    moxiecowgirl Posts: 291 Member
    Went to training for my new part time job at the football stadium (go Chiefs, we still love you!!), and was able to not only walk, but run up and down all the stairs in my section without getting winded.

    Was given a huge box of size XL clothes, and fit in all of them!

    Got told by a total stranger how lucky I am to have such a nice figure.

    It's been a good week! Ready to make it a second one.
  • niouinon
    niouinon Posts: 3
    I just realized it's been at least 3 months since I stopped drinking soda drinks! (For reference, I used to drink at least 1L of diet coke each day... most of the time, it was 1.5L...).
    I feel soooo much better, my stomach burns almost disapeared (I used to eat Maalox almost like candies...). It has not help with my weight loss, but I'm so proud!
    The best part was that this weekend, my BF had a diet coke, I tasted it, and hated it!!! So rough and acid I can't even imagine drinking a full can of it!!!
  • moonfruity
    moonfruity Posts: 43 Member
    I hiked a 3200ft mountain, and didn't blow my diet like I usually do on the weekends! YAY!
  • downeyek
    downeyek Posts: 41 Member
    Ran 13 minutes without stopping to walk.
  • nikollinei
    Had to take my 22 skinny jeans that I bought back to the store to swap them out for a 20!
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