Anyone Weigh in Every Day?



  • heidicalif
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    I do, sometimes more than once. It's a habit I think I picked up during/after pregnancies when I wasn't dieting. Although I'm a fairy neurotic person in most aspects of life the fluctuations don't bother me in the slightest because I'm used to them.

    I head straight to the scale in the morning after I'm done in the bathroom. Now that I am dieting I only log/count new record lows, and only those taken first thing on the morning. I also usually weigh before getting in the shower after a workout. I think it's fascinating how much a person can sweat lol!
  • ritchiedrama
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    Always have. I record it every morning - but I only take notice of the one every Monday. But I do see patterns every week :)
  • I weigh in every morning, its what works for me. Keeps me on track.
  • twinsmom03
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    I weigh my self every morning but only track it on Friday mornings :)
  • sophieannejune
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    Hi. I weigh in everday, not because I expect to see results but because it allows me to see when fluctuations occur. Most days there's no change but sometimes there's little increases or little decreases. It's a good way tor me to know when I'm had an off day or allows me to reflect if there's something i could've been done differently over the past few days. I've been lucky, I have never gone backwards on weight in day. Always the same or a loss.
  • cavia
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    I weigh myself every morning and every evening. Learning my body's natural fluctuations has been fascinating. I record new lows only. But like others have said, if the fluctuations would demotivate you, daily weigh ins are probably not the way to go.
  • jake480
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    I do, it is kind of an OCD thing of mine!
  • Try every week, at the same day at the same time.:)

    If you weigh everyday, you'll just see weight fluctuations(in my experience) which can demotivate you.
  • marciebrian
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    I weigh everyday, it's part of my routine.....get up, have a wee, wash my hands, weigh, have a shower etc.

    I find I'm less hung up on the actual number as long as the trend of the numbers are going in the right direction. :)

    I'm not sure it necessarily makes a difference :)

    this is basically me. I weigh daily but don't log. I'm close to goal so I don't even log weekly unless I've really beaten my ATL. like others have said if the #'s stress you out, don't do it. There can be dramatic fluctuations
  • CoffeeNBooze
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    I do, it helps me stay balanced actually. Otherwise if I overeat and I haven't been weighing in, I'll get scared and not look.
  • thepetiterunner
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    Weighing yourself everyday at the same time of day, can be useful to look at trends over a period of time, as others have mentioned, there are always fluctuations. However, I think it can really create a unhealthy obsession with the number on the scale, if you allow it. At some point in your weight loss / fitness / health journey, you will come to find that the way you LOOK and your measurements will change, but the number on the scale may not. This is still a sign of progress, but if you focus solely on the ticking number on the scale, you may lose sight of these other, very valid methods of measuring success.

    So weigh yourself if it helps keep you accountable, keeps on focused, but be sure to take measurements and use other measures of success as well (energy levels, happiness, etc).
  • NonnyMary
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    Yeah it gets me going in the beginning of the day. I like to see what I accomplished and cant wait a week as some people suggest people do.
  • fleetzz
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    I weigh myself every morning. It is good to see trends--- I tend to bump up if I drink alcohol or if my carb (sugar) intake is high. It works for me. Doesn't work for everybody.
  • KitaT92
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    No way!! Especially if you are weight training and trying to lose. The scales will reflect your gain and you will definitely be disappointed. Try weighing in one day a week, 1st thing in the morning after you empty your bladder (lol), on the same day each week with the same clothes, in the same spot. Preferably the day after your rest day.
  • KitaT92
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    Unless you are taking a diuretic for water retention I wouldn't weigh every day.
  • waipepe
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    I do but if I am up, well I don't pay attention to it and I just wait until I drop down again. Unless I am down at least one 1lbs or .5 kg I also don't record it.
  • Telecide
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    I just started doing that this round of skinnifying. I used to stay away from the scale until the weekly weigh-in because I didn't want that unexpectedly high number to discourage me. But now I'm taking a totally analytic approach and it's kind of interesting watching how different foods, activity patterns, etc. affect the number. And sure enough it averages out over time. Two weeks ago I went a little crazy and ate a whole pizza, wings and reese's chocolate bar. It was enough calories to gain a full pound of fat. But the next day the scale said I had gained TEN pounds! Lol. On the other hand, from there I lost thirteen in the last two weeks. :D

    The other thing is since your weight can fluctuate by five pounds or so a day, even a weekly weigh-in at a bad time can be demoralizing.
  • I weigh myself everyday just see my fluctuation pattern. I don't get hung up on the number though. I know I can vary as much as 5 lbs in a 2 day period. I choose Sunday as my "official" weigh in day though.
  • StheK
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    I do. I love daily motivation and rituals.
  • spoiledpuppies
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    I do it. I love it. Keeps me on track whether up or down.

    I'm a firm believer in everyone doing what works for them. (EVERY diet plan works--as long as someone sticks to it! So every pattern of weigh-in can work too.) What I don't understand is why weight-loss "experts" recommend against weighing in every day, but when you look at a survey of people on the weight loss registry--people who've lost weight and kept it off--most of them DO weigh in every day. Why isn't advice based on the success stories vs what the so-called experts think makes sense?