80 lbs gone and a new attitude gained



  • Imcharmed
    Imcharmed Posts: 346 Member
    Wow, you look amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  • tyb03
    tyb03 Posts: 52 Member
    You look phenomenal and SO much younger! Congratulations! You're a great inspiration :)
  • ernielaurie
    WOW way younger and WOW WTG!!!
  • _quirky_girl_
    _quirky_girl_ Posts: 27 Member
    You look fab! Love the dress. Thanks for sharing!
  • humanismu
    humanismu Posts: 51 Member
    Ho-ly crap!!!!!! YOU LOOK SO AMAZING. IT'S CRAZY!!!! Wowza!! Congratulations! I hope someday I can bike 28 miles!

  • needthechange
    if i was a guy... i would have proposed you :) and convinced you to marry me :) lol
    .. you look beautiful in esply in the last picture :)
  • sarahsunshine1217
    sarahsunshine1217 Posts: 85 Member
    You are so amazing and you look incredible! My goal is 80 lbs as well. its taken me six months to lose 65. Keep it up ;)
  • melfitnesspal13
    melfitnesspal13 Posts: 377 Member
    Fantastic!!!! You look great in that bright dress. ...:flowerforyou:
  • Fab30s
    Fab30s Posts: 157 Member
    Wow!!! Fantastic!! A whole new younger person. well done!!
  • WannaBLoser2013
    Amazing job. You look so much younger now. Congratulations.
  • FixIngMe13
    FixIngMe13 Posts: 405 Member
    Wow!!!! You look absolutely fantastic!!!! So so so proud of you!!! Congrats!!!! :flowerforyou:
    TINAHUNTER1969 Posts: 219 Member
    Congratulations, you look so happy and loving the colourful new wardrobe :flowerforyou:
  • Aparz1
    Aparz1 Posts: 949
    Amazing, you look younger, happier and much heathier! Thanks for sharing!!
  • missfizzi
    missfizzi Posts: 5 Member
    Well done you !
  • goodnamegone
    Wow so much happier and vibrant, super well done.
  • Nicolee_2014
    Nicolee_2014 Posts: 1,572 Member
    You look absolutely amazing & definitely looking younger :smile:
  • JeninBelgium
    JeninBelgium Posts: 804 Member
    You look incredible and so much younger!! decades gone!
    just think last year you could barely handle a segway and now you are biking long distances, zumbaing your fat away and doing some weight training too? ! so inspirational (and your bones will thank you for the weights just as much as your muscles!)

    Keep up the great work! (I am printing your post and placing it on my wall next to my computer screen to remind me to get up and away from my desk chair throughout the day)

    Oh, and if you haven't done it yet- you need to do another tour with your high school girlfriends- this time by bike!
  • kev32uk
    kev32uk Posts: 21 Member
    80lbs is what i'm trying to lose been at it since jan this year and just hit 49lbs off getting there :) but i cannot believe the difference in you, fantastic you must be soo proud well done !!
    LTGPSA Posts: 633 Member
    You look beautiful! Congratulations on getting yourself on a healthier track and such. It looks like you have a great place for bike riding too! :flowerforyou:
  • AnitraSoto
    AnitraSoto Posts: 725 Member
    You look amazing! Congrats on a fabulous transformation - you look like a completely different person! Well done!
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