What is your key to a long successful marriage ?



  • dazzer1975
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    Never getting married.
    Marriage is the transfer of wealth from men to women.


  • michelleLynette
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    25 years for us..Having God at the center of our relationship. With him all things are possible!!
  • futuresize8
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    After making certain that you have found the right person who is worthy of you and who you promise to be worthy of for always:



    Making time for fun.

    Consistent effort.

    Communicating your needs when necessary, because most people aren't psychic.
  • sewerchick93
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    the 3 C's:



    cuddling (the one most couples forget about as their lives get hectic)
  • skinnymalinkyscot
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    Married 34 years ....I go out of my way to do nice things for him every day. I dont sweat the small stuff, dont blame or nag him when things go wrong or if he forgets something, I dont belittle him in front of others and make sure I only ever say good things about him to others even if we had a major argument, nobody else would ever know. I dont discuss our personal life with girlfriends, our relationship is totally private.

  • 43932452
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    12+ years ... dirty pillow talk .. no j/k Just being together and learning to smile at each others
    quirks. There are so many keys to a successful marriage really. Not just one but respect,
    honor and dedication are very key.
  • A_Warrior_Princess
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    Celebrating 25 years with my hubby and humor, honesty, sexiness but most of all hard work to keep communicating, being involved with each others activities, learning new stuff together, having fun together.
  • gsnobel
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    After 35 years of marriage " Yes Dear" works and marrying the one you love!
  • Jersey_Devil
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    make sure she thinks she is always right...even when she's not.
  • BrendaLee
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    The big mistake most couples make is marrying someone who isn't compatible with them in the first place. After the fact, keeping the finances in order will go a long way towards keeping the marriage happier and healthier. Good sex, having fun together (and apart) and not sweating the small things help, too.
  • clydethecat
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    all this advice is awesome. i've only been married 5 years. we're best friends, and i think that is so key. and its the little things. he tucks me into bed every night ( i go to sleep much earlier than he does) i rub his back for him while he watches tv. he does the dishes when i'm too tired. i make his lunch every day. just doing things for each other out of love and respect. because we want the other to be happy and well cared for.

    i know we're in it for the long haul. when we were first married it was so hard, i had issues with medication and my bi polar, and it was a nightmare. but we made it through and now we're so much stronger for it. if we could get through that, we can weather anything life throws at us.

    thanks for all the advice, i'm going to put it to good use :)
  • pawnstarNate
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    1. make her think she's always right
    2. take the trash out on a regular basis
    3. never get caught staring at another womans assets
    4. get caught staring at her assets

    edit: oh, and always carry a big stick
  • Timshel_
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    So tough to say what will work for each couple.

    To me, the biggest part of success is keeping fresh eyes for each other and not getting stuck in expectations, Too many times I've talked to friends who divroce because they say "things changed". I always think, WTH? Like it happened over night? Or you expected them to be exactly the same person forever?

    We each need to grow and expereince life as individuals, and in a marriage you need to let that process happen to be a strong couple.

    That and, people make mistakes.
    Some small, some big.
    Forgiveness is a must.

    I should throw in I have been married since 1997.
    I've come close to leaving a few times.
    We've both made mistakes.
    We both have always loved each other.
    Whether we liked each other at any given moment is another story.
    We both still learn more about ourselves and our marriage every day.

  • WendyTerry420
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    I married my best friend almost 20 years ago. For us, it's all about communication and consistent intimacy. :bigsmile:
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    You have to stay in love, stay friends, stay passionate and be good roommates.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Never getting married.
    Marriage is the transfer of wealth from men to women.


    That's an F-ed up website for sure. Wow.
  • Stump_Likker
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    Opposite work shifts
  • torabelle79
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    Ill be damned if I know! I'm going through a very messy divorce after only 6 years of marriage. I do however have the most amazing children that came from my marriage.....so not all bad :-)
  • kitfulofstarling
    I cannot stand couples who cannot do ANYTHING without their partners. My brother & his gf are like conjoined twins & they wonder why they fight constantly.

    I think every couple is different. I've had people tell me the same thing (i.e. "ugh, why do you always hang out together like you're attached at the hip?!), and I've known many couples who didn't want to spend much time together split up. I'm not sure there's much association, but I only have a handful of anecdotes for that assessment.

    My wife and I started dating in high school 13 years ago; we dated for 6 years and thus have been married for the past 7 years. We've been an "attached at the hip" couple in that we almost always do everything together. Why? Because she's my best friend, and I love doing things together with her. It works for us. *shrug*

    Respect each other. Respect that neither of you is perfect and learn to live with those imperfections. Pull your fair share of weight around the house (house chores, child duties, etc.).

    I completely agree with you, it is not about being together all the time or having more independence, it is about finding the person who matches you and to feel great with yourself, however you manage your relationship.
  • _quirky_girl_
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    I'm newly wed and I've really enjoyed this post. Thank you everyone for your responses (even the trolls because they remind me what a wonderful man I married)!