I lost a whole person! 120 pounds lost! (pics included)



  • Fantastic!
  • nice... :happy:
  • msjames1999
    msjames1999 Posts: 528 Member
    Awesome job!!
  • rendel22
    rendel22 Posts: 5 Member
    Great job on the weight loss!! I also really enjoyed reading your story!
  • CassandraBurgos83
    CassandraBurgos83 Posts: 544 Member
    Way to go... Takes serious dedication to achieve what you have :)
  • MommaKit79
    MommaKit79 Posts: 852
    GREAT Job!!! Especially doing it for YOU!! Good luck with everything else as well!! :-)
  • TRexMex
    TRexMex Posts: 32 Member
  • realme56
    realme56 Posts: 1,093 Member
    Great job and now you know that pleasing yourself will lead to more success. So stay healthy and the rest will follow!
  • RachelX04
    RachelX04 Posts: 1,123 Member
    Awesome job. Well done
  • Magdaloonie
    Magdaloonie Posts: 146 Member
    Not just a great story but really good writing, too! Congrats on both!
  • satyamarchana
    satyamarchana Posts: 28 Member
    what a fantastic n honest sharing.. WTG
  • feelin_gr_8
    feelin_gr_8 Posts: 308 Member
    I know the whole "no one wants to date the fat kid" routine. It was never enough to motivate me though, I defiantly felt that they were all too shallow and should give my awesome personality a shot. Eventually, I met a wonderful man that loved me, body fat and all. Now I have the power with my best friend helping me lose weight, and I'm doing it for me, not him. Of course I wish I looked better in my wedding pictures...but when did life ever really go the way you plan?

    Great job :)
  • marleniap
    marleniap Posts: 120 Member
    Great story. I'm happy for you. It is very inspirational. You came a long way, congratulations!
  • sushpandey
    sushpandey Posts: 20 Member
    great story, congrates and keep it up.
  • oh well pal, transfer those lost pounds to me :drinker:
  • Butterflymomto2
    Butterflymomto2 Posts: 30 Member
    WOW!!!! That is so inspiring to read your transformation story!! Thank's for posting!
  • ThereseIShere
    ThereseIShere Posts: 90 Member
    Great job! Even though I don't know you, reading your story, I feel like I do! Maybe, because I identify with it very much and SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU. May this wellness and heath remain the rest of your days!
  • wawa2nc
    wawa2nc Posts: 24 Member
    Nice story and nice job!!!! Congrats!!!!
  • DiaryofaMadFatMan
    DiaryofaMadFatMan Posts: 131 Member
  • paddgirl21
    paddgirl21 Posts: 154 Member
    way to go! very inspirational and i'll keep it in mind on my journey. <3 thank you for sharing! :happy:
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