When I was a kid I wanted but never got ..



  • BeckyMBisMe
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    dance classes and clothes and shoes that every piece weren't handed down from an older sister or cousin :ohwell:
  • jenilla1
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    A pony. :sad:


    :love: I never wanted a pony until JUST NOW!
  • jenilla1
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  • ostrichagain
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    I remember my sister wanted a Popple badly and never got one. I just wanted a pair of jeans that were long enough.

    I would have gladly given you all five of mine.
  • HeyGoRun
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    A skinny face!! Still dont but I embrace what I do got!
  • CompressedCarbon
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    >She's always doing that. 4 years ago she got me drumsticks and a cow bell, cuz I love Christopher Walken.

    TheRoadDog's daughter wins Most Awesome award. You must have done something right! :drinker:
  • michael1976_ca
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    i wanted to be a rock star

    but then i wanted to marry samantha fox to

  • oldandhealthier
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    With 8 brothers and sisters I wanted my own room. Come to think of it I still don't have one and now don't want it.:noway:
  • NormInv
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    new parents
  • NormInv
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    a step mom
  • JDBLY11
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    I wanted a life size doll or Barbie and a car I could ride in but never got them. I wanted a doll house too but I got that when I was a little too old for it. I did not end up playing with it much.
  • JDBLY11
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    I wanted a tree house too! I saw Swiss Family Robinson and their house seemed so cool. I also wanted to live on an island or near the beach.
  • TKRV
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    Nerd Alert:

    I wanted to go to an Anime convention
  • JDBLY11
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    I loved horses so I wanted one... you know what we got instead? Goats. Pygmy goats and occasional visits from our neighbor's chickens.

    I also desperately wanted my own room. When I got one when I moved to my dad's at 17, I didn't like it so much. The whole house was too quiet with me being the only "kid" there when I was used to 5 other kids being around all the time.

    I wanted to share a room with my sisters, but sadly they did not want to share a room with me. I did not like having my own room. Thankfully, I can share a room now with my husband. It is so nice.
  • an older brother

    Don't feel bad that you didn't get one. I always wanted an older brother too. Mom explained that an OLDER brother was a complete impossibility. She then explained that a younger brother or sister was also a hell to the no. When I was 13, I really did get the older brother I'd always wished for. (Dad married a woman with a son 5 months older than me). I was thrilled! For all of about 3 months. Then I realized that that was the stupidest wish I'd ever made. Older brothers are buttheads. :laugh:
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    I wanted straight hair :sad: I suffered through the 80's with a nappy mullet. Thanks, mom.

    I always got everything after everybody else it seemed :grumble:

    I wanted to be a girl scout. Biggest thing I remember.
  • Street Shark action figures
  • A collie, just like Laddie in Lad, A Dog. Alas, my dad said a collie was too big for our suburban yard. When I finally got a dog at age 10, it was a Keeshond. I named him Tristan and took him to obedience school; he flunked twice. :-( He was no Laddie!
  • anemoneprose
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    To go to camp in the summertime, and canoe! (instead of visiting family in the Old Country)
  • Mainebikerchick
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    but then i wanted to marry samantha fox to


    I TOTALLY forgot what the question was?? :love: