85 down, 15 to go , with pics



  • jshaw3030
    jshaw3030 Posts: 6 Member
    You look amazing! Great job!!!!!
  • nevergiveup51
    nevergiveup51 Posts: 48 Member
    Wow you look so much younger your beginning weight is where I am today so it's nice to see how u look now how old are you just curious I am 51 so losing is a little slower it seems. I was 350 lbs years ago now 213 took me many years to get here keep it up u look great
  • mou_254
    mou_254 Posts: 153 Member
    u look sooo much younger...and amazing! cheers! :)
  • carolose46
    carolose46 Posts: 199 Member
    oh my amazing journey! congrats on all your efforts! true inspiration
  • connie_messina
    connie_messina Posts: 495 Member
    omg the first pic looks like it could be your mom and the last the daughter its crazy!! u look awesome! good job!
  • jeannemarie333
    jeannemarie333 Posts: 214 Member
    Fantastic job!!!! wowza!!! you look about 20 years younger - no kidding I thought you were a lot older when you were heavier - wowza girl - super job!!
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 4,991 Member
    Congrats, wow what great transformation.
  • BrendaLee
    BrendaLee Posts: 4,463 Member
    Wow. You've completely turned your life around. And you're gorgeous.
  • vikramtag
    vikramtag Posts: 67 Member
    this is unreal !! way to go !!
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    You look 20 years younger. Congrats for having the drive and persistence to stick to it! You look fabulous!
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