Is curvy the same thing as fat?



  • HermioneDanger118
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    Nope, curvy is the same thing as FABULOUS. With my body type, regardless of how much weight I lose I'll always be curvy, and I like that. :)
  • SummerNights32
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    In my experience, it depends on who is saying it. If a man says I am curvy, that is a total compliment. When women say it, I wonder a bit more. People may not admit it, but women are much more likely to tear you down for your size or shape then men are.

    I think I am curvy, but I also know I have weight to lose. I am just lucky that I carry it the way I do. I have a very hour glass figure, no matter what size. I just like it best when I am about 30 pounds lighter.
  • SoDamnHungry
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    You sound curvy. In fact, our measurements are almost exactly the same. My hips are 36-37, though. I would call myself curvy.

    I feel that curvy has more do with bone structure than the amount of fat or muscle on it.
  • BinaryPulsar
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    They are not calling you fat. I am tiny and fit. People call me curvy all the time, and I have never thought they meant fat because that would be absurd to call me fat. They say, "You are tiny and curvy". They are just talking about the shape of your body structure. The word curvy seems to cause a lot of drama these days. It's just a word and it's applied in a lot of ways. There is no one scientific way of applying it to the human body, with no deviation from that. It's a subjective word by it's very nature. It means curve. You can have curves when you have a small waist and a curvy distribution based on either bone structure, fat, muscle or a combo.

    Edit: People get all worried about how the word curvy impacts online dating. I'm married, so no worries about me online dating. Not everyone does online dating. And if I did, I probably wouldn't say I was curvy. I'd just post a pic and let them decide for themselves what to call me (as I'm sure everyone has a different opinion).
  • conniemaxwell5
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    Curvy to me is an hourglass figure, when your waist is naturally smaller than your hips and breasts. You can be at a healthy weight or even underweight and still have curves. I don't think it's 'fat' until you're classified as overweight by a combination of weight, BMI and body fat %. Your measurements would indicate that you are NOT fat.

    Salladeve - I would consider Victoria's Secret models "curvy." Do you think they're fat?
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  • SToast
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    Nope. Plump means fat. Not curvy. After asking hubby he said curvy is an hour glass shape.
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    During my stint of toying around with online dating, I learned that fat women call themselves curvy to make themselves feel better about being fat. Fat rolls =/= curvy. I always wanted to tell them:


    Oh online dating, you crazy beast... I put myself as curvy at first, cause I'm quite hourglass in figure. That's just how I'm made. And I wasn't even remotely overweight. Men literally wrote me saying "You should change that. Here on match curvy apparently means obese." Interesting....

    But at the end of the day, who cares what you call yourself.

    Today, I'm referring to myself as "Juicy."

    Deal with it.
    I like to think of myself as donk-a-licious, with the shoulders to appear proportionate. meh . . .
  • CSU2012
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    In Hollywood, curvy means fat is you are a white woman. In Louisiana curvy means healthy, for anyone. In hispanic communities, curvy means normal-sized. In black communities, curvy means extra woman to love. As you see, curvy means different things according to where you live, and what your ethnicity is.
  • i love me some curvy women!

    just my own personal thought.
  • CSU2012
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    Many moons ago, when I was at my perfect size, I was 34, 22, 38. That's because that's how my body is built. I nearly looked anorexic in my upper chest at that size. So, I wouldn't go any lower in weight to reach a perfect set of measurements below my waist. I just have a small top, big hips and an extra small waist, a pear shape.. Everyone's body is different. Find out what your overall shape is, and your measurements will always follow that. You can't change it by losing weight. When I was that size, Louisiana guys thought I was super hot. Then, I moved to California, and people said I was fat. If I were hispanic or black, the California people would have thought I was a normal shape. People tend to over judge white women for having a "less-than-what- they-think-a-perfect-body-is". You can't live to please others. Be happy with whatever shape you were born with. Flaunt your positives. Back when I was hot, I would wear lots of cutoff shirts, and bras that boosted my breasts, to show off my tiny waist and ample boobs.
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    Depends on how the fat is held... lumpy? Smooth? Muscle curves rock.
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
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    Curvy does not equal fat. A circle is not curvy.

    What? A circle is ALL curves.
  • rml_16
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    Curvy does not equal fat. A circle is not curvy.

    What? A circle is ALL curves.

    A circle is A curve. If you're curvy... you're not as much fun to kick down a hill.
    Please don't kick me down a hill.
  • Deipneus
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    My measurements are 34-25-38 and people call me curvy. And since curvy is just a nicer synonym for fat, did they really mean I was fat? I'm so confused with the difference between curvy vs. fat. What do you classify as "curvy"?
    Depends on who is saying it. First person: "I am curvy" usually means fat. Second person: "You are curvy" probably comes from a guy who likes women who are slightly plump.

    Males have their own saying. When a male says "I'm a big guy", 9 out of 10 times he's obese.
  • Curvy does not equal fat. A circle is not curvy.

    What? A circle is ALL curves.

    No. A circle is round. This is a curve:

    And this is a curve:


    I don't quite see how either one would form a circle
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    The amount of threads and arguments (not happening in this thread as in others) and possessiveness over the meaning of the word curvy has only revealed to me just how petty some people can be.
  • ElikaCousland
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    When men use the word, its meant positively (correctly, bcuz they wouldnt call a fat woman just curvy), when women use it they just mean fat (they are trying to be nice). My experience :)


    But personally, I don't think curvy is the same thing as fat. However, I've been called thick and that one SUCKS. I wanted to punch that guy. He made me cry! I was smaller then than I am now, come to think of it...
    I was called thick once too. He meant it as a compliment, but I was like seriously?! Grrrr.