PCOS Awareness Month - anyone else have this??



  • sophie_wr
    sophie_wr Posts: 194 Member
    I also have PCOS...
    Lost 35 pounds in 1.5 years (slow slow slow) and I would like to lose 30 more...
    I'd love to join your group !
  • dmvarner
    dmvarner Posts: 150 Member
    Hello! I have asymptotic PCOS meaning all the symptoms except I do have regular periods. I would love to learn more as I work out like a fiend, keep calories under control but losing weight is just not really happening.
  • fattyonthemove
    Am I too late!? I would like to join! After topping out at my heaviest (205) and not having a period for two years I knew I had to kick my butt back into shape, so started running, and doing low calorie. Dropped 16lbs in a 1.5month. After that I hit a plateau, and didn't have a return of my period even though I take vitex daily. I dropped off the wagon for a week while in Illinois meeting my Fiance's family. My schedule is always in a tizzy since I travel fulltime with my fiancé, so we live out of hotels. Right now, I am yo-yoing between 191-188! I drink 8-14 glasses of water I use a really water app that I set to remind me to drink water ever hour. I also do intermittent fasting 16/8. I'm just irritated that after initial weight loss, I ceased losing. Also, at 191 WHERE'S MY PERIOD? I seriously never thought I could miss it.
  • fitkate80
    fitkate80 Posts: 38 Member
    For those of you who don't have a period (for more than 90 days) you should call Dr. for an RX to induce one. It's not healthy for the lining of your uterus to build up that much. I never heard this until last year! And I've been DX for 15+ years.. crazy.