What food can you not have in the house?



  • Gw3nJa
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    Chips and dip cannot be in my house. It will be gone within two or three days and if there's still dip, I'll go buy more chips until it's gone. So the problems more dip than chips. Any sweet that I like ( I mean I like sweets but some that I REALLY like) will be gone quickly also. Also, anything that has a quick expiration date, as I have an issue throwing away food and will try to eat it before it goes bad. I'm sure I could make a small book of such things but these are the big ones.
  • akp4Him
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    M&Ms of any kind. I've bought the HUGE bag and managed to eat half in one evening! They are in the house now...and calling my name. Once they are gone...NO MORE!!! I can't control myself around them!!
  • I was struggling with all the snack foods we have in the house because we have a 7 year old that for 7 years has had access to anything and everything he could possibly want. I was literally out of control 65 days ago.

    I had to devise a plan to allow for their to be snacks in the house and not eat them.

    I now put an 8x11 sheet of paper with a note written on each thing I go after that says something like, " Brian, You cannot eat me, I will destroy your waistline, or I am pure evil and will make your gains disappear"

    Yes our pantry has big notes all through out it but it has kept me on task and allows my son to see that it isn't healthy for him too but its harder for him to make good choices all the time. We help but I don't want to give him a complex at 7, so as things are gone they will not be replaced with as much.
  • stillnot2late
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    Lays original potato chips and soft cookies, any flavor. None allowed, not even visitors can bring. They have to leave if they play a joke and bring them anyway.
  • Patzycakes
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    Food? In the house?

    Oh no. Can't have that.

    Jk. But really, I try to go the store every day to get what I need for dinner. For myself I really only keep yogurt, fruit, and some frozen stuff to make into dinner in the event that I am lazy.

    But really cereal I can't keep around, because I will wake up at 3am and sleep eat bowls of cereal.

    Ranch dressing is another thing. I will put it on every salad, dip every healthy vegetable into it if it's there.
  • DatMurse
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  • magurski
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    Carbs in any form other than leafy green veggies. It helps that I'm no longer seeing them as food...
  • aliciap412
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    pepperoni or soppresata
  • threesixten
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    Basically anything prepackaged. Even if I don't like it, I'll wander into the kitchen looking for something to snack on. If it doesn't need to be prepared, then I will snack on it. Over and over!
  • Cordy1228
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    I am unable to do "moderation" when it comes to Doritos, fun-size 100 Grand bars, or breadsticks from the pizza place.
  • gypsyGIRL159
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    Well.... ICE CREAM, soda, Pizza, Yogurt, Candy, and anything SUPER YUMMY!!! LOL!
  • selmafeki
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    Biscuits. Thats what you get for having a british boyfriend.
  • Ed98043
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    Pretty much if there's anything that's sweet or starchy, I'll finish it off. Meat, veggies and fruit are safe from my gaping maw.
  • fultimers
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    Wheat Thins. I cannot stop at one serving. Really, I am in trouble with any crackers except for something dull and bland like saltines.

    Any homemade cookies

    Most packaged cookies (although I do have some gluten free cookies on hand and I have managed not to eat more than one or two a day.
  • matchbox_girl
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    Pretty much anything. LoL but the big ones are: ice cream, cookies, cereal.....as well as pie, sourdough bread, etc.
  • rednailvarnish
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  • anewlife4me8610
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    I can totally relate to that...I can not have nutella in the house lol or cheese cake...i just have absolutely no will power when it comes down to it. I know they say, have a slice, dont deprive yourself....NOT...I can not stop at one slice so for now. I chose to NOT have it in my house...lol
  • Hearts_2015
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    junk food of pretty much any type
  • holagatita
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    white chocolate covered pretzels! OMG they are so good! I have no self control
  • teamAmelia
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    Restaurant pizza. I'll eat about four slices at a time and will crave and eat it for at least another day. I'm the same way w White Cheddar Cheeto's. I eat the whole bag over two days. They're not fried, though; they're baked. :laugh: