Does your face look older after losing a lot of weight?



  • Keiras_Mom
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    I look older up close, but younger from a distance. :laugh:
  • mjf0461
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    From my experience YES, I found the first 35-40 pounds I lost I looked extremely old. I think it depends on the person's age.
  • sunfirelynn
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    IMHO, if you are 50 and above, and lose a LOT of weight, then yeah, you will likely look haggard. Other than that, losing weight takes years off most people's faces.

    I'm almost 52.. My daughter just told me the other day I look younger every time she sees me:happy: So im not so sure I agree with this Quote above^^^^
  • MeanderingMammal
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    Is it normal for someone to get more wrinkly or have more lines once they lose some of the fat on their face? Can this result be minimized?

    Thanks for the input.

    For me my face ends up looking gaunt fairly quickly, which makes me look older, or ill...
  • moochachip
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    Actually, after losing 60 pounds, people think I'm younger then I was before (before I lost weight, no one asked for my ID.. Afterward, everyone asked.)
  • sweetpea129
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    I do think that I look a little bit older now. But i'm cool with it. Totally worth the trade off :wink:
  • redheaddee
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    OMG YES, but my azz is smaller and my boobs are perkier so who the heck cares :-)
  • Sherbog
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    63 years old and 63 pounds lots....I look ancient and liked it better when the wrinkles were filled in. :(

    Shirley in Oregon GO DUCKS!
  • After two weeks of losing weight, I started noticing wrinkles around my mouth. I used to notice chocolate and peanut butter around my mouth. Now I am noticing the wrinkles. My doctor suggested I use cocoa butter all over, especially on my stomach area. Good luck!!!
  • fuzzieme
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    I look the same age. I have a chubby face.

    No matter what.

  • You look awesome! You look like the daughter of the woman in the top picture. Congratulations.
  • bridgie101
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    Is it normal for someone to get more wrinkly or have more lines once they lose some of the fat on their face? Can this result be minimized?

    Thanks for the input.

    I tend to look younger. But I think that's because I'm drinking more water, which I think has a HUGE impact on wrinkly/dry/dehydrated skin.

    Get a good moisturiser and use it if you're feeling wrinkly. :)
  • Ed98043
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    The person's face has looked younger, or at least better, in every "after" photo I've seen on this site. Don't forget that fat on the face pulls everything down (darn that gravity!) which isn't a good look either.
  • Some people do look alot older when they lose a significant amount of weight especially if you lose it quickly.
  • CristyMusicLovr
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    People tell me i look younger now, however I had noticed that when I had lost a significant amount of weight my cheeks looked a little droopy and the "parenthesis" were so noticeable but I started putting lots of night creams to re-affirm the skin. But now it looks back to its place. I just use a clinique moisturizer its about 28 bucks and it works well.
  • MrsFowler1069
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    Me at 27. Ugh. Bad pic.


    Me at 42. 80 lbs lighter. Weight seems to add years. Hydrate your skin and exercise. I think I look younger now than I did then for sure.
    You look young for your age definitively, but much younger in the first picture.

    lol Could have something to do with being significantly younger in the first picture. :wink:

    So beautiful!

    I can't say for myself at this point, as I have a long way to go. But I have a friend who I would say initially looked older as she lost the fullness of her face. As she has continued on to lose around 200 pounds and exercise and take care of herself, it's shocking how young she looks. Probably depends on the person....but even during the "looking a little older" stage, she looked better and healthier all the time and she continues to inspire me.
  • mamadon
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    My husband has lost 105 pounds and looks 20 years younger.
  • fitplease
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    Thanks so much for the input, esp the before/after pics!

    Someone asked how old I am. I'm 42. I am usually mistaken for being younger than I am, even when I was younger and thin.
  • JesterMFP
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    Lift heavy stuff.
    With your face? :noway:

    I think I look a bit older since losing, but I still got asked for ID recently (despite being 16 years older than the legal age to buy alcohol here).