Worst compliment you've ever gotten.



  • During a physical when I was 13 or so, my doctor told me, based on my hips, that I was "born to have babies". Just what every body-conscious 13 year old wants to hear.
  • IanBee93
    IanBee93 Posts: 237
    ''did your face get thinner, you look great''

    Didn't know I was so fat before.. :\
  • Nikki_WantsIt
    Nikki_WantsIt Posts: 204 Member
    "Awww...you have a cute baby bump!"
    I wasnt pregnant at that time.
  • candacet36
    candacet36 Posts: 353 Member
    There is no way you are thay old...you look amazing!


    <---- NOT OLD!!!!
  • stephanieross1
    stephanieross1 Posts: 388 Member
    thank god your pretty..
  • FluffyKangaroo
    FluffyKangaroo Posts: 41 Member
    'You have such beautiful hands, I wonder what they can do'
  • aerochic42
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    I didn't know fat girls could belly dance. or the lifted eyebrow followed by the look up and down my body when I tell people I dance.

    You look like my friend's brother, well you have the face and same hair color but your hair is much longer. but he was cute. NOt so much bad as confusing
  • 820Resa
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    "You don't look like you weigh XXX"

    Directly followed by:

    "I'd tap that anyways. :wink: "
  • ginakiki
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    you ever see Senfield where George's GF has a big nose and Kramer goes you can be pretty to u just need a nose job....
  • ginakiki
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    but i got your really hot but you need a tan your to pale lol
  • marniesworld
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    My worst compliment would probably be "damn shorty, you sho is thick"... there is nothing I hate more than being referred to as "thick".

    Haha, I got that one in high school (which, by the way, was my thinnest adult weight!). I was working a track meet and one of the runners ran by and was like "You know you thick, right?"

    WTF. LOL.
  • Naomi0504
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    There is no way you are thay old...you look amazing!


    <---- NOT OLD!!!!

    Agree with this one! Also "for having 4 kids" after saying "you look good".
  • My male best friend loved to deflect questions about if we were dating with "nah man, she's just a cool dude with long hair"

    And my wonderful family like to call me their staffie :grumble:
  • New one today from a former co-worker I hadn't seen in a year or so.

    "Wow Pete I didn't recognize you! Damn you really were a fat little troll werent you?"

    And the ironic thing is that even though I'm a scant 5'7", I'm still taller than this sucker.
  • I fixed my makeup after waking up one morning and the guy I was dating said "oh, you look pretty again!"

    My EX said once "I love it when you come home a hot mess."
  • beepermad
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    "Man, you look soooooooooooo much better with your hair down."

    Response: "**** off."
  • AddieOverhaul
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    "You have really incredible eyebrows."


    I get this one a lot and I like it. How is this a bad thing?
  • "oh hyell yee gurrrr he hella MIXED! what you is? half estay half brutha?"......as opposed to: "You possess morphological features of several different ethnic groups. Might you be afrocolombian slash Estay?!".....nawmean(@brandy)
  • missbp
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    Them "You look a little like Linda Blair."

    Me . . . Puzzled look on my face. :huh:

    Them "You know . . . that girl from The Exorcist."
  • ToFatT0B3S1ck
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    Bump for later.