Thanksgiving - Is indulging okay with your plan?

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I was wondering what other people are doing to deal with major holidays. Do you stick to your calorie budget? Do you only eat the healthiest options? Do you go a little overboard? Do you give yourself a "free day" to just eat whatever you want?

What is your plan for major holidays?


  • Escape_Artist
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    It's a holiday, just eat what you want. That doesn't mean eat the whole pie or cake. It doesn't mean eat 3 servings of dinner. Enjoy yourself. Est what you want in moderation, go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and don't think twice about what you ate.


    All in moderation :smile:
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    its once a year.
    I work out double.
  • rduhlir
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    Stategically planned indulgance!

    I am making myself in charge of deserts...:devil:
  • FerretBuellerr
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    I plan on just eating as light as possible at the beginning of the day, so I won't feel as guilty by pigging out at the dinners I'll be going to. I will try and be good with my portion sizes, but I'm not going to keep myself from eating stuff that I only get to eat at this time of year because I'm trying to lose weight!

    Overall, I just don't care much when it's a holiday. I don't log on those days because I know I will more than likely go over. I won't check the scale until the following week, and try to get a little extra exercise in to compensate for the amount of deliciousness that I will be ingesting. I really want stuffing :angry:

    ETA: Every other special event that I've gone to since I've started using MFP that I know will be food heavy, this is what I've done, and I've still lost 20 pounds in about 2 and a half months. You'll be fine :smile:
  • Capt_Apollo
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    silly!!! thanksgiving is in november!
  • karlschaeffer
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    Indulge? YES!

    ... But then, back on the straight & narrow.... :smile:
  • Go for it. I would not hold back in the least. That doesn't mean binge but do enjoy yourself and eat until you feel satisfied. Start back on your normal routine the next day and don't think about the past.
  • sydneyplainjane
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    We have Thanksgiving coming up here in the States, too. I'd say have a little of everything, if that's what you want. One day is not going to destroy all your hard work.

    The hard part will be trying to log all those calories :-)
  • BlueBombers
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    I'm totally enjoying it!!!
  • mrslcoop
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    It's a holiday, just eat what you want. That doesn't mean eat the whole pie or cake. It doesn't mean eat 3 servings of dinner. Enjoy yourself. Est what you want in moderation, go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and don't think twice about what you ate.

    Amen. A couple big eating holidays a year are not going to derail any progress if you don't let it.
  • justal313
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    I will be running a 5K in the morning. I will then be eating Turkey, my homemade orange-cranberry sauce, my wife's Lemon Meringue pie, stuffing, some wine, all the goodies. I won't be eating a TON of if and if I go over I'll get it all back in the days to come so I'm not gonna stress it.
  • It's never the big meals that get me, it's the treats that keep showing up for two months. My plan for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is to go for it with gusto, but remember that each is a holiDAY, not a holiWEEK or a holiMONTH.
  • SNLover87
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    I don't know about anyone else, but I plan on eating whatever I want on both Thanksgiving and Christmas with no guilt :) But that does mean just those two days, otherwise I am on my regular plan. Two days can't undo months and months of progress.

    I can't wait!
  • PennStateChick
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    I am so glad you are in Canada. For a moment, I thought this was already starting in the US- and we are still well over a month away from Thanksgiving. We need at least two weeks of "HELP! My kids went Trick-or-treating!" posts first!

    That being said, I handle every holiday differently. It really depends what the plans are. Last Thanksgiving, I exercised, paid attention to portions, and stayed within my calorie range at our first Thanksgiving dinner. By the time I got to our 2nd dinner, I basically gave up and ate whatever I wanted. In both cases, I just got back on track to normal eating the next day. That's a whole lot easier when you don't have any leftovers!
  • simsburyjet
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    I am probably in the minority here but is indulging in what you want going to help you reach your goal of 90 lbs to lose.
    If its a holiday then there is more time to take walks and maybe cut up tons of fruit for dessert.
  • fitfreakymom
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    I will still stick to a plan, just because it is a holiday is no reason to stuff myself, and as far as Halloween go's my daughter is doing the trick or eat program this year so instead of collecting candy she is collecting food for the spca and food bank. We will buy her some candy and I am sure some people will still give her candy and we are going to have a sleep over party on next weekend so she can still indulge a little.
  • athene_circe
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    Well, personally I plan to load up on the carrots and turkey, go easy on the potatoes and stuffing, and NO ONE is keeping me from the pumpkin pie! In fact, maybe I'll just save all my calories through the day so I can eat nothing but pumpkin pie!
  • MandyGurI
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    I'm a Canadian dating an American. I'm thankful twice a year! =)

    I decided I can eat anything in moderation on holidays but eating sweets has derailed me so many times in the past I have none, not even on holidays or birthdays. I eat lightly the rest of the day, usually skipping breakfast because I lose track of time but I don't advise that. I always end up starving at these things which only makes it harder to resist a second helping. I still log, or try to and so far I've always had room in my calorie closet for the evening.

    Amazingly, even with lifted restraints I still avoid white breads and potatoes like a plague. Guess I just got used to treating them like personal weight-loss poisons.

    Happy thanksgiving!