All 5'3-5'4 ladies! Needing Motivation & Support



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    Bump for motivation - thanks :)
  • Hi! I joined MFP in the Fall of 2011 after I quit smoking. I weighed 155 lbs then and got down to 130 lbs by year's end. I ended up getting pregnant with twins in Feb of 2012 and gained 55 lbs during my pregnancy (up to 185lbs). I gave birth Sept. 2012 I breastfed them both until a month ago. I was able to lose almost all of the baby weight but am struggling with the last few pounds. I currently weigh in at 135 lbs and would like to be 125 lbs. Most of all, I would like to feel and look healthy and not have a muffin top over my jeans anymore (although this may be unavoidable as I seem to have what is commonly referred to as "twin skin".)

    Anyhow, glad to be back. Excited to lose the lbs and get into a regimented diet and exercise program. I would love to be friends with anyone who can relate!
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    Y'all are tiny....

    I'm 5'3"
    SW: 286.4 lbs (9/15/13)
    CW: 265.6 (10/21/13)
    GW: 135ish

    I bought a kitchen scale - WOW, did that make a world of difference!!! I was completely clueless about portion sizes!!!!

    I bought a digital scale that shows me not only weight, but body fat%, water% and muscle%. It helps to see that even though my weight may not have changed, the body fat% went down or the muscle% went up.

    We bought a Bowflex so I could incorporate strength/resistance training to firm up in addition to doing cardo. I can't use free weights because I have issues with my wrists and elbows (carpal and cubital tunnel) so the resistance seems like the way to go...used it for the first time yesterday and loved it!

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    started at 196. down to 176. Alhamdullillah.
    will go down to 115-125. InshAllah :)
    Good Luck.
  • Hi I'm new on here and just trying to figure it all out I'm 5ft 4in and 150lbs I want to get down to 125lbs but what with searching the Internet for ideas and tips it's all left me confused if anyone has any tips for guaranteed weight loss please help because I'm failing every time and need a little support thanks
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    Hi! I'm 5'4 and a half! I started out MFP at 230 pounds. My highest was 245 pounds and right now I'm at 211.8. :)
    My goal weight is 140, but we'll see how I look and feel!
  • I used to be 5'4", now 5'3.75", I'm shrinking! In my 20's I weighted 118, 30's 135, 40's and 50's 170. Actually at 170 I could eat whatever I wanted, no exercise and the weight would stay constant. Now I want to get healthier.
    GW-135 or BF between 21-24%
    Best wishes to everyone on reaching their goal!
  • I've been 5'4" since forever, but at my last physical, the tech measured me at 5'3". ::gack!::

    I'm currently at 164, which is a total bummer because two years ago, I was down to 151. I hit a plateau, then had some ligament issues, then had some depression effects from a medication I was prescribed, and then I had just stopped caring, and I was back up to 167.

    My goal is 134, because any of the times I weighed less than that, there were unhealthy periods that created that weight loss. 134 seems reasonable to do-able to commit to. I turn 40 in May 2014, so my goal is to get rid of those 30 pounds by then.
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    I am 5'4" on a good day =) and I am currently at 207lbs down from 220lbs. My goal would be to reach around 160-150. I log every single day, and am being more active through walking when I can, and starting some workout videos. I need to ease into the working out, never been one to do it in the past. MFP is an amazing tool, and as long as you are honest with what you log, you will do just great!

    Feel free to add me if you like, I am on every day! And best of luck with your loss! :wink:
  • Just wanted to encourage you to keep pressing forward and never give up even though you had a set back with your injury. I believe you can reach your goals of getting to a healthy weight and maintaining it. I too desire to get healthy not just for my self but for my 4 children who look up to me to set healthy examples for them. I am currently 5'4 187lbs. My highest has been 225lbs my lowest about 144lbs . I'm just starting this program today, I realize I need to be in a supportive atmosphere with like minded people. I've been trying to do it alone for so long and keep having mental setbacks due to stress and other issues. I wish you great success in your journey to health!
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