How does everyone account for drinking alcohol



  • jaimrlx
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    I don't treat them any differently, if I have a crazy night out then it counts as a cheat day for me. Same with my daily drinking. "Can I have another slice" and "Should I have another drink" are the same to me - on the weekends I don't really care that much.
  • johe28
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    I make sure I drink. :)

    I count my calories from drinking even if it's a rare occasion. I like to know where I am at and I have noticed lately that I really feel a difference in my training, sleep, and weight maintenance. I used to drink 3-8 on Friday and Saturday and then some on Sunday during football. I have cut that out quite a bit. I drink good beer and scotch. Scotch, I'll do 1-2 glasses (1-2 oz) and try to keep it to 1-3 beers. I also cut out a couple of days.
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    Alcohol is a triple whammy for weight loss. To be honest, its not just about the actual amount of calories in the alcohol. 2 things: It slows down your metabolism for several hours after drinking, so whatever calories you get from the alcohol, your also burning much less than your body normally would. Second, the way your body digests alcohol, it is converted directly into body fat (visceral belly fat to make things worse!) not "burned off" thru exercise. So basically, when looking at the consequences, I tend to triple whatever the amount of calories are in the alcohol in order to keep myself focused on what it's really doing for my weight loss, so if 500 cals is worth a 150 calorie margarita, I'll have it! but usually, it isnt!

    hEE2D167C do not understand this at all...
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    I enjoy a nice adult beverage while soaking in a hot bubble bath. It's my thing, and I do it often. I also love wine. Have always loved it and always will.

    That said, I am THISCLOSE to my goal weight and I haven't given anything up that I enjoy when I got back on this bandwagon in January; but I count the crap out of calories. I wrote on my blog the other night that I need to create a bumper sticker that says, "Will workout for wine..." because if I'm hovering close to going way over calories during my day? I'll go for that extra time on the elliptical.

    Maybe it helps that I'm not one of those people that gets the munchies when I drink. That's never been an issue for me. (And I am pretty sure that I would more than likely be an overweight pot head, LOL...)

    I will say, though, that I'm not drinking nearly as much as I used to when I was heavier. Win-win. :drinker:
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    I find I'm drinking a lot less at home. Most of the time when I drink, it's as part of the pub crawl ride that I usually ride on Sunday nights. We meet at a bar, ride to two bar stops, then go back to the original bar. I don't drink at the gathering place, and I have either one or two beers (total) at the other stops. I'm actually kind of amazed at how many of the craft beers are in the MyFitnessPal database; I scan the UPC if I get a bottle, or key in the name if I get a draft, and I usually get a return from the database.
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    I GAVE up alcohol, cigars, coffee, red meat a couple weeks back. It was the best decision for my heart. But when I did drink I over shot my intake to make sure it balanced out. Then again who knows how much you are really drinking when you are

    Coffee isn't necessarily bad for your heart.
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    I don't drink like I use to. I may have a beer now and then (mich ultra). Mostly, I'll drink Gin with a diet gingerale. A few a week and I post it like my other calories.
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    I count them as extra exercise calories. I try to pre plan nights im going to go out drinking and execise hard and long that day so i have a good 600 extra calories besides my normal 1000 calorie daily burn, so 1600 calorie burn. This way i can eat tasty crappy bar food and lose count on how many beers i drink, and not have to worry about exercising the follow day all hungover. Yes its terrible but life is too short so F' it.

    I do the same thing. A few extra miles in the morning is totally worth beer and jalapeno poppers that night.

    Your speaking my language chica.