5'3, 182 to 154

I have been struggling lately...Feeling defeated because this has been such a slow journey for me. I never realized how much weight i had gained. I always thought i was "average"....Looking back, Im just glad that i got on the road to getting healthy. I Started at 182 after 2 kids, im down to 154, but ive seen 148. My goal is to get to 140 and re-evaluate. I want to be around a size 6-8 so we will see when I get there. At this rate, I lose about 1lb per month. I have pcos, I work full time, Im married, I have a 2 & 4 yr old daughter. Ive done a lot of lifting heavy, some distance running and some sprints, some at home dvds (I love TURBOFIRE)....and everything in between.

175 in the before and 155 in the after.



  • Wow, fantastic! Very inspiring!!
  • viglet
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    You look smoking!!!! Slow and steady is my motto!
  • geecee77
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    You look fab - shows me what I need to do! :happy:
  • MGinAK
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    You look great...healthy and fit!
  • RachelRuns9
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    congrats!!!! :)
  • katimama
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    awesome job!!!!
  • KateCarrot
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    You look great! Way to go! :)
  • MissySpring
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    You look wonderful, congratulations! Your hard work and persistence have definitely paid off.
  • AddieOverhaul
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    You've done great! Nothing wrong with slow and steady - it's taken me over two years to lose 40 pounds!
  • MLitke12
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    You look great! I am on a slow journey down too. I started at 215 and am at 185 almost 2 yrs later. I sure hope slow and steady keeps it off for good!

    Can I ask what your calorie intake is?
  • You go girl!!! I am 5"5 and was up to 188 .. down to 184! I have no kids so whats my excuse LOL Good job!!! It will come off slowly and we can keep it off!
  • emi1yawolfe
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    Jealous! :-) I am 5'4" 153 pounds and you look way thinner. You must be packing some serious muscle. Great progress!
  • hinzee4
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    What a difference!! You look awesome!!! Keep it going!!!
  • Great progress! You look amazing