So...what HAVE you stopped eating?



  • WestCoastWild
    WestCoastWild Posts: 147 Member
    Hamburger Buns! Unless I make them myself. At restaurants/barbeques/home meals/etc. they're just never very good, and burgers taste basically the same without them. Same with tacos and burritos...having the fillings on lettuce tastes pretty much the same to me :) Oh, and I find myself just eating the toppings off of pizzas, haha, unless they're super thin crust.
  • May_Rose
    May_Rose Posts: 119 Member
    Cereal and fruit juice. Won't go near them. I can literally eat 5 "servings" of cereal and still not be full!!! It's jus tnot worth it.
  • AlyssaJoJo
    AlyssaJoJo Posts: 449 Member
    Noodles. I found that I just don't feel as if they are worth the calories. I still have them here and there - but not nearly as much as I used to!
  • DamePiglet
    DamePiglet Posts: 3,730 Member
    top shelf margaritas
    i haven't found one that's low-cal / sodium (love that salt on the rim) yet tasty.

    not gone forever, just gone for now.
  • the_only_solution
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    pasta, potatos, and all kinds of chips...and these things called baked snap peas that are awesome and not too bad for ya...but not worth the calories.
    alcohol (4 drinks a week now, instead of a couple or 4 every night)
    sweetener in my coffee (sugar, flavored creamers, etc)
  • the_only_solution
    the_only_solution Posts: 46 Member
    top shelf margaritas
    i haven't found one that's low-cal / sodium (love that salt on the rim) yet tasty.

    not gone forever, just gone for now.

    Chili's Skinny Margharita is to die for! and after a couple of them, I realized that the usual mixer is just too sweet anyway.
  • akshngrl
    akshngrl Posts: 27 Member
    Those ridiculous flavored creamers. Watch out, here come the holiday ones. My spouse suggested I switch to nonfat milk and I have been surprised that I don't miss the flavored creamers too much. It may not be a huge calorie savings but it is a sugar savings and there is nothing at all healthy in those creamers.

    I do work two days a week and the staff fridge is stocked with about 8 flavors. So I do find myself giving in when I am there. But not drinking it at home is a change for me.
  • I gave up Dunkin Donuts caramel iced coffee (no sugar with cream only) and grilled cheese&bacon sandwich for breakfast. Replaced peach mango juice and sodas with tons of water :)
  • het100
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    I've completely cut out half-n-half and milk in my coffee because I drink several cups per day and the calories add up. I've gotten so used to it that I don't even miss it anymore.
  • CardiacKev28
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    I gave up soda and all lowfat and nofat foods!
  • RivenV
    RivenV Posts: 1,667 Member
    Almonds. Ugh. I used to eat them under the misguided presumption they were a healthy snack. It didn't matter to me that I had trouble choking them down and hated the taste/consistency/everything. I haven't had an almond since I switched over to IIFYM (while also maintaining a calorie deficit), and I haven't looked back.
  • ryry_
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    Pastry :wink:
  • Samuraiko
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    Soda. I have had a grand total of 8oz of ginger ale in the past five weeks. This from someone who drank Coke daily - not in huge quantities like a 12-pack a day or anything, but it was my drink of choice. And the ginger ale was to soothe an upset tummy. I had half the 16oz bottle, and then dumped it.

    I am TRYING to cut down on the sodium, so no more scarfing through potato chips at whim. Or most of the other salty foods I love. If I absolutely must have them, I will have a little bit and that is that.
  • DamePiglet
    DamePiglet Posts: 3,730 Member
    Pastry :wink:

    HA!! :drinker:
  • sportyredhead01
    sportyredhead01 Posts: 482 Member
    Grains and dairy (mostly).

    Grains because they make me hungry about 30 minutes after eating them and dairy because of the aftermath. :tongue:
  • Bread. I generally eat a low GI diet anyway but toast has always been my weekend treat and recently it's started to creep back in as a more regular fixture due to laziness. But since I joined MFP I've realised what a massive waste it is when there are so many other delicious things to be eating. So I'm ditching it. Even wholegrain is too many calories to be worth it. Rye and sour dough are a bit better so I'll save those for when I get a craving!
  • GardenGirlie
    GardenGirlie Posts: 241 Member
    Alcohol, milk & pasta.