Petite Women 4'10"-5'3"... what's your hip and waist size?



  • akshngrl
    akshngrl Posts: 27 Member
    OK everyone please tell me how YOU measure your waist size. I just measured right about the "lilac crest" (top of hipbone) which for me happened to also be across the belly button.

    I am 5'3", about 134 lbs, and my waist measurement is 36.5 inches! (almost 93 cm). Over 80 cm is considered at risk for health problems. Boo hoo!

    and yes... I do get asked if I'm pregnant!
  • lewandt
    lewandt Posts: 566
    I am 5'1" 125 lbs and i just measured myself for the first time yesterday. I always knew i did not have much of an hourglass figure but geesh...

    Hips: 35
    waist: 34

    That is what i am working on right now, my waist. I always hold all my fat right around my belly button. But i do think it is getting smaller, it is about the only place i have much fat left so it should eventually fall off....Right??
  • chelseascounter
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    I'm 4'10"

    waist 24.5 inches

    hips 33 inches

    When I started my waist was 27-28 inches and my hips were 35 inches. I have an apple shaped body (narrow hips, skinny legs, all my fat goes to my mid section)
  • ochibi91
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    I'm 5'1" and I currently weigh 112 lbs

    Waist: 26 inches

    Hips: 36 inches

    I have a pear shaped body so my stubborn fat are accumulated in my lower body. I'm not overweight but I have stubborn fat clinging everywhere and I have a good 10lbs to lose (cellulite is a pain). I'm working to drop my waist to 24-25 inches and my hips to 34-35 inches by end of December (trying to set small reasonable goals). I would also like my weight to drop to 105 lbs but I concentrate more on losing inches than losing weight. :)
  • MongJay
    MongJay Posts: 8 Member
    I am 4'10.5" (and yes, the .5 matters :D)

    Current Waist: 27.5 inches
    Current Hip: 36.5 inches

    I have lost half an inch on both my waist and hips since the start of my journey.
  • MongJay
    MongJay Posts: 8 Member
    To measure the waist, you have measure the narrowest part of you torso and usually falls a little bit above your belly button.
  • shayenur
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    i'm 5"2 , my hips are currently 41 inches, and my waist ranges from 31-34 thru out the day, in inches. I weigh 165lbs.
  • Lillyloooo
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    Curvy here x
  • Mitzigan94
    Mitzigan94 Posts: 393 Member
    I remembered I posted my waist hip size before here. but Im coming back to update my waist and hips here
    height 4'11.5

    current waist 29.1

    hips 38

  • 5'3
    waist 27.5
    hips 37
    weight 150
  • kaylorraine44
    kaylorraine44 Posts: 135 Member
    4'11.5, 135lbs
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 37.5
    Total pear.
  • ShibaEars
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    I'm 5'2", last I remember my waist is about 30", my hips about 39"
  • mel4bee
    mel4bee Posts: 225 Member
    5'3'' and 105 pounds

    Hips are 34.5 I think and waist is 24 inches
  • Lillyloooo
    Lillyloooo Posts: 174 Member
  • 4ft 11in
    23.5in waist
    30in hips
  • zombiesalad
    zombiesalad Posts: 123 Member
    Waist: 25"
    Hip: 38"
  • fairygirlpie9
    fairygirlpie9 Posts: 288 Member
    Height: 5ft
    Weight: no idea
    Waist: 28.5
    Hip: 36
  • BaconWagon
    BaconWagon Posts: 138 Member
    height :4'11
    waist: 25.1
    hips: 35
  • dostojevk
    dostojevk Posts: 1 Member
    99 lbs
    waist : 25.5
    hips : 35
  • mockchoc
    mockchoc Posts: 6,573 Member
    height :5'2
    waist: 31
    hips: 38