What time do you have your alarm set each morning ?



  • crystalrp
    crystalrp Posts: 113 Member
    I don't set an alarm. I always wake up between 4 and 5, but don't have to be to work till 8.
  • BeccaBollons
    BeccaBollons Posts: 652 Member
    7 am, but I NEVER get out of bed at that time. I just press snooze until the kids come and jump on me, and then I stay in bed a bit longer until I absolutely have the bare minimum of time to get ready. Usually 7.45 m-f, 8.45 sat sun.
  • spade117
    spade117 Posts: 2,511 Member
  • JenToms80
    JenToms80 Posts: 374 Member
    6am throughout the week
    8am on the weekends

  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,800 Member
    Mine is set for 3:20 am, but 99% of the time I wake up about 2:30 to 3am, so it never goes off.
  • airdale8263
    airdale8263 Posts: 2,155 Member
    5:15 am M - F
    no alarm on the weekends but usually up by 6:30 am ( that is sleeping in for me :laugh: )
  • 4:50 every bloody morning. I have to be at the office at 7 for the manufacturing status meeting and I've got an hour commute....ugh.

    Yeah, I know, the west coast people will laugh at an hour commute....:laugh:
  • rhonda999
    rhonda999 Posts: 58 Member
    6:00 a.m. M-F, but usually wake up before it goes off. Saturday no alarm, usually awake by 7:00. Sunday 7:30 or 8:00.
  • Smuterella
    Smuterella Posts: 1,623 Member
    Wow. 7am - snooze til 8am.
  • helena_jj
    helena_jj Posts: 200 Member
    usually 9 am, but last week I tend to set it to 10 am. On weekends only if I need to go somewhere early enough.
  • IronCakes
    IronCakes Posts: 317 Member
    I have three alarms set... 4:45am, 4:47am and 5:01am.
  • blably
    blably Posts: 492 Member
    M-F 6.00 if im lucky 6.30

  • blably
    blably Posts: 492 Member
    I love that you guys get up when I go to bed. That's why my life is so easy in terms of getting errands done and not being crowded in the gym. There are perks to having an opposite schedule to the rest of the world. :wink:

    what r u doin? i want a job like that :D
  • sunnshhiine
    sunnshhiine Posts: 727 Member
    5:30/45 AM for weekdays (thank you, work)... and I don't set an alarm on the weekends. ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Spaghetti_Bender
    Spaghetti_Bender Posts: 509 Member
    I get up at 4am for when i want to workout, and 5 for non-workout days. On the weekends my internal clock gets me up between 5:30 and 6am.
  • MyJourney1960
    MyJourney1960 Posts: 1,133 Member
    6.45 workdays
    nothing on the weekends.

    I usually wake up before the alarm goes off but 6.45 is the latest i have to get up.

    I work 9-6, i leave the house between 7.45-8.00 and walk to work (~45-60 mins).
  • Laura3BB
    Laura3BB Posts: 250 Member
    I never set alarms but I wake up between 5.30 and 7.00 on weekdays (can get a workout crammed in if up before 6) and I wake up around 7 on weekends.

    Sone fo yuo guys get up soooo early - like 4 am - wow!
  • MJC22712
    MJC22712 Posts: 50 Member
    4am and I usually work 6-7 days a week, 12 hour days.