Are "before" pictures worth taking?



  • tmauck4472
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    I think can see your progress and you also have something to show how far you've come.

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    Absolutely! Especially toward the end. When you only have 5-10 lbs to lose or even maintaining, it can be difficult to see progress. You might plateau or even gain a little as you recomp. The scale is no longer your best measure. I don't care for measurements either because it can be difficult to take a measurement in the same exact spot and the exact same tension. I don't care for clothes either since they can get a little bigger or smaller depending on how recently you washed them etc. Pictures are the best! I try to take them about every month.
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    From my personal experience, they can be very motivating when you are feeling like you aren't seeing enough results! I pull mine out every few months so I can see that all this hard work is worth it!! Good luck!
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    Um.. YES! Because there WILL be days when you're frustrated, ready to give up, just see absolutely "no change" in the mirror... and someone will suggest taking progress pics. You won't want to do it, of course, because you just "know" you haven't made any progress an d this is just a big fat waste of your time... Do it anyway and you'll be surprised and find the motivation to keep going.

    This, this, a thousand times this! I had a big stall on the scale, and was totally baffled. In those weeks I increased my training (started Body Revolution and upped my running) so I was quite depressed that the scale basically stopped moving. I only lost "2 lbs" in that amount of time, but this was the visual difference:

    Mad me feel WAY better and keep my motivation up.

    That was TWO WEEKS?!?! Wow!! Great progress, girl!!

    It was six weeks, but only "2 lbs" according to the scale. And thanks :)
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    Absolutely! Our minds and memory can play little games with us ... having the proof of where I was to where I am now; keeps me going to where I want to be. Snap away!
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    I don't know........ You tell me???


    OP Yes before Pictures are important.... I keep a picture of that guy on the tractor on my visor in my truck and every time I go to the gym or to the park to workout I can see just how far I have come....

    Best of Luck

    Great motivation! Thanks for sharing your journey through pics ... they speak volumns!
  • Absolutely! You can see a huge difference in just a couple weeks so it's worth taking them.