Morbidly Obese to HEALTHY! 277 to 149 lbs PICS



  • jmcoyuela
    jmcoyuela Posts: 33 Member
    Great job! You are an amazing mom leading by example!
  • Healthy_4_Life2
    Healthy_4_Life2 Posts: 595 Member
    You're simply amazing! Wow!!????
  • DMZ_1
    DMZ_1 Posts: 2,889 Member
    Good work OP.
  • jhmomofmany
    jhmomofmany Posts: 571 Member
    Well done! Awesome loss, and you have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas to you!
  • missie_515513
    missie_515513 Posts: 20 Member
    You look amazing!!!! An inspiration!!!! Well done!
  • This is one of the best transformations that I have ever seen! Congratulations, you have done a marvelous job!
  • blaqpepa
    blaqpepa Posts: 67 Member
    You look amazing, congratulations! Very inspirational! Merry Christmas to you an your beautiful family
  • My0WNinspiration
    My0WNinspiration Posts: 1,146 Member
    Beautiful :flowerforyou:
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,257 Member
    Holy smokes! I hope you bought those size 6 jeans after you took that photo. You look fantastic. I'm sure that wasn't easy. Beautiful family too :) (But your little boy looks like trouble!) ;)

  • sweetpea129
    sweetpea129 Posts: 755 Member
    Thank you SO SO much everyone!!

    Curly... Understatement of the world! He is TROUBLE. Gives me a run for my money for sure ;) We are planning in trying for one more baby starting in a few months & I always say that "I'm afraid to have another Owen!"
  • seanhassall
    seanhassall Posts: 7 Member
    Great work! Congratulations! :)
  • Kowee84
    Kowee84 Posts: 65 Member

    i hope one day ill be able to wear a dress again :) an inspiration to us all :)
    i think i can i think i can.. I KNOW I CAN :)

    thankyou :)
  • ChristineS_51
    ChristineS_51 Posts: 872 Member
    Wonderful - I LOVE your story - what and why you did it - and what you have learned. Your family is beautiful, and you have improved the health of your whole family - wishing you many more Merry Christmases, and thanks for sharing :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • Shambree813
    Shambree813 Posts: 37 Member
    WOW! Thank you for sharing this, it is really inspiring.
  • BekaBooluvsu
    BekaBooluvsu Posts: 470 Member
    Way to go, you look amazing!!!!!!
  • GiGiBeans
    GiGiBeans Posts: 1,062 Member
    Well your hard work has definitely paid off big time. You look great. Love how you kept your great curves too. Thanks for sharing!
  • tembii
    tembii Posts: 34
    WOW you look so amazing! Seriously seriously awesome!
  • kenthepainter
    kenthepainter Posts: 195 Member
    I'm always amazed how different people look after weight loss, not to mention how the person may feel. Losing weight dosen't make you a better person but it makes you healthier and from my experience I feel better about myself and I actually like my self. GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RebeccaWilliams115
    RebeccaWilliams115 Posts: 188 Member
    You look truly amazing, hard to tell it is the same person! This story is very motivating... Hope you have a great Christmas!
  • laneedygirl
    laneedygirl Posts: 8 Member
    Great job!
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