Best way of getting over a break up?



  • Hookup with trannies srs
  • ekz13
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    and also cutting that person!!

    there fixed it for ya... :laugh: :laugh:
  • TheRoadDog
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    Seriously...I've been through many breakups, which included 3 marriages. I remember feeling very low after my second wife left me. Had a great friend. Neal. I remember him saying "The pain will lessen with time, and, no matter what you do, time will pass."

    He was right. That was 30 years ago. I have been in a great relationship with my wife now for 25 years and I have never been happier. What made this relationship work was recognizing the common denominator in my previous relatiuonships. Me.

    So, Good Luck. Learn from your past and apply those lessons to your future.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Hookup with trannies srs

    That was a joke, but, I always remember what my gay brother used to tell me, "At least after sex, I can have a serious conversation."

    RIP, Steve.
  • arghbowl
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    Best way of getting over someone is to get under someone else.
  • arghbowl
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    Hookers and blow. Wait, what?

    Pretty spot on, brah.
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  • catneon
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    Best way of getting over someone is to get under someone else.
  • Leather_N_Lace
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    You mean besides putting a water hose in the sunroof of his Mustang and flooding the inside of it and then screwing one of his friends.... Chocolate and late night comedy movies... (P.S.. Never did the first thing... Well water hose yes... Friend no..:) )

    On a serious note... Focus on you. Don't text, don't answer texts from her. Hang out with friends. Get to know who you are again.
  • jackpotclown
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    find yourself someone with an eating disorder, apparently there are 5 good reasons outlined in another topic that oughta do it for ya \m/
  • DMZ_1
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    Time, no contact with the ex, & someone new.
  • Get drunk and get laid.
  • hittingitonemoretime
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    Go to the gym and throw some heavy *kitten* weight around like you mean it.

    Turn your sadness into rage.

    ^^^^^^^^ best idea.....
  • puckertoe
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    Spend time with friends that can support you. get rid of everything that reminds you of them too.
  • ModernNerd
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    Get super sexy and make her jealous :wink:
  • CuteMonkeyGal
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    I needed to read this thread. My gf just broke up with me yesterday. She wants to stay friends, but I think I need some time to process things first. Thanks for the good tips and laughs everyone. :)
  • salembambi
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    dont keep having sex with them as "Friends"
  • Erin_goBrahScience
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    Pull a Dennis Rodman and get a dang rebound.
  • My0WNinspiration
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    Gym/focusing on improving YOU.