Drop 40 by late summer/early fall support group thread!



  • lane112409
    lane112409 Posts: 28 Member
    Count me in!!!!

    AGE- 27

    Weight 238 :sad:
    Goal in all 150 lbs

    40 pounds by this summer would be AWESOME :smile:
  • melgcoo
    melgcoo Posts: 23
    Count me in! I had lost 57 pounds over the course of a few years due to breast cancer and other issues, but over the last year I have put back on about 25. I had several traumatic life events that happened in the last year and I reverted to old habits of stress eating, etc. I need help and motivation to stick to healthy eating habits.

    Age: 48
    Current weight: 216 pounds
    Goal weight; 150 lbs.
    Height: 5' 8"
  • Fivepts
    Fivepts Posts: 520 Member
    Please send me an invite. I need to lose closer to 25 but have been at it for 3 months and lost nothing, so I could use some more daily/weekly check-ins. It'll probably take me as long to lose 20 as it will take y'all to lose 40 at the rate I'm going!
    Age 45
    CW 145
    GW 125ish
    height 5'3
  • JennaNevada
    JennaNevada Posts: 25 Member
    I'm in if y'all will have me...CW 223, GW 180.
  • Lets do this! Want to be Ready for summer!
  • kreegs
    kreegs Posts: 19 Member
    Would like to join. Thanks!

    Age: 33
    Start Weight: 225 (Jan 2, 2014)
    Current Weight: 220
    Goal Weight: 177
    Height: 5' 11"
  • please add me!

    age 35
    start weight 138.6
    goal weight 110
    goal to loose 26 pounds before april.
  • kdunn6
    kdunn6 Posts: 2 Member
    Please add me....getting married in September and would like to be down closer to 50lbs!

    Current : 217
    Goal: 140
  • starkiller8885
    starkiller8885 Posts: 47 Member
    Okay folks, you are all invited! Head on over to the group!
  • Marchmallow
    Marchmallow Posts: 130 Member
    That's almost exactly my goal! Add me too! :)

    Height 5'2
    Cw: 171lbs
    Gw: 125lbs

    46lbs to lose, but almost! :D
  • dml0911
    dml0911 Posts: 3 Member
    Please count me in!

    age: 48
    sw: 227
    cw: 222
    gw: 170
    height: 5;8'
  • babinsiegel
    babinsiegel Posts: 38 Member
    Is it too late to join? I'm just starting again...

    age: 33
    sw: 177
    gw: 135
    height: 5'2"
  • WW74
    WW74 Posts: 3 Member
    I would like to try this out! Please add me!
  • makeitnasty184
    makeitnasty184 Posts: 48 Member
    I'd like to join

    Start weight:200.7 lbs 1/8/14
    Current weight: 197 lbs
    Goal weight: 145 by January 2014

    Thanks :)
  • MamaDinger
    MamaDinger Posts: 17 Member
    I'd like to join!

    Age: 27
    SW: 188 on 9/7/2013
    CW: 159
    GW: 135 by July 2014

    Excited! Thank you!
  • sigalsirkin
    sigalsirkin Posts: 59 Member
    I would love to join.

    Age -37
    Height- 5.7Ft
    Weight - 189 pounds
    Fitness goals- Run my second half marathon in better time than the previous one. Hoping to run a marathon too in the near future.

    I need to be accountable to someone and a group is perfect.

    Good luck to us all.
  • smzande
    smzande Posts: 159 Member
    This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Could you add me too? Many thanks!! :)

    I just had a baby in October, and it's time to lose the baby weight. I'm getting back into running now too (which should help me drop even more lbs)!

    SW: 231
    CW: 228.5
    GW: 180
  • balesalicia
    balesalicia Posts: 80 Member
    Im in the same boat! needing to lose about 35 lbs for my wedding in August (august 9th)!! Im in as well!

    26 years old
    168 lbs
    5'5 hight
    goal: getting to about 135 lbs by July!

    This is happening.
  • balesalicia
    balesalicia Posts: 80 Member
    Add me please!
  • I'm in, if the group isn't full already!