Any binge eating suffers up for an 8 week challenge?



  • cape
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    Include me too. I'm so stuck because of binge eating, down 3 lbs. up 3 lbs., it's never ending. Please help.
  • WhiteMagick
    WhiteMagick Posts: 11 Member
    im hoping to get it under control too

    im in ^_^
  • ZB1110
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    This is my biggest problem and my goal for this year is to figure out why I binge and how to get it under control. I'm in and need help.
  • YesIAre
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    I would love for you to add me if you are still adding people.
  • I would love to join as well please!!! Just made a fresh grocery run on Friday and binged all weekend long :(
  • gerberafan
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    Yes I would be in, I started getting back on track yesterday. I really struggle with christmas as the lead up to it and then new year and then it is my birthday, oh and I gained 2kgs in that time.Yesterday I felt funny, I think by eating right, I am
  • raquelena
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    Hey could you add me?
    I've recently gone to the dr about this and have been referred to counselling, but its taking ages to get sorted, and in the meantime I'm stuck in this cycle that needs to stop! Hope everyone is doing well :)
  • sammniamii
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    I'd join as well, it's been an "evil" of mine that has gained the upper hand these last few months. I've been hitting the gym like a demon, but the binge demon is undoing all my hard work.
  • If it is not too late , please add me.
  • I'm interested ! I'm struggling with binge eating pleaseee add me !!
  • gerberafan
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    Would you like me to share some of the things that my counsellor shared to me to help me? I will have to sort through the stuff as I went for counselling for sexual abuse and thats where the binges started but some of the stuff was general
  • 1ZenGirl
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    I"m not a joiner but I can point you guys in a direction.
  • mareeee1234
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    YES!! it was my new years resolution! Ive only had one minor binge this year, and I really want to avoid any more binges especially the bad out of control ones!!

  • blizzardsmom
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    I agree, let's do this! I'm in are you?
  • gerberafan
    gerberafan Posts: 15 Member
    One of the things my counsellor asked me was what was the need I was trying to fulfill when I was binge-ing.
    So I suppose identify what need you are trying to replace the food with.
    Also when I went into the counselling room, I could never say the word IT, I had to describe what IT was. I found that very hard and deep. For me now, if I find myself overeating to where it becomes, binge-ing, I go and do some doodle art, that helps me identify what the issue is. For me, I have never been able to say that I was
    Like for eg, I felt really alone since my dad died, as he really believe and accepted me, the inner child/little girl wanted someone to love her and not have to be a certain way to be accepted, when I felt unloved etc that was my trigger towards the binge-ing. So now the adult lady tells the inner child she is okay and loved and does not need to eat to be accepted and loved.
    It is kind of really deep counselling and I can only share what was appropriate for me, if you take this and work it out for what suits your issues, I hope this helps you, even if 1 person benefits from this, that would be good. This is not a issue that will change over night, you will have to work at it and be ready for change, this has taken me about 6 months of counselling.
    In New Zealand, binge eating disorder is not an area that is funded, yet if you are anorexic or bulemic there is funding. Kind of stink and alot of health proffesionals are battling the dhb on this as so many paople are really stuggling from this.
    I will have a think over the day tomorrow and think of somethingelse that I got from it that I can share that is general that may be of some help to somebody.
    Like I say my answers where for me, and your answers are for you and are personal, and it took me about 6 months, so your journey will be yours and not mine.
    Some may find this works for them quickly and others may not get it at all.
    Oh yeah, I also learnt that I either get it, or I dont.
  • mlima14
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    I'm in! I do binge in the afternoons when I'm feeling bored and I noticed that I was thirsty really and not hungry but I would eat instead. Now my goal is to try to drink enough water and noticed that the days that I drink plenty of water I don't over eat or binge.
  • gerberafan
    gerberafan Posts: 15 Member
    If anybody is in Hamilton, New Zealand and would like to attend a course that is going to give you the tools not to binge, please contact me and I will give you the details of this lady. I saw it at the gym I go to.
    I dealt with my issues last year, now I am just using the tools I have been given
    So if interested please contact me. Also it as affordable amount, considering this is a big issue that does not get funded here in New Zealand.
  • me me me !

    can i join? =O

    i can easily eat 4000 calories after dinner and ruin 2 weeks of weight loss...... takes me 2 weeks to lose it and then BAM i eat 4000 calories again.......

    so not cool ==

    determined to stop binging!!! However my goal isnt to go cold turkey all together, for me as long as i binge less each month i see that as a major improvement. I binged 7x in November, and 6x in December. Lets hope January will be even less!

    Baby steps y'all, baby steps
  • buckleten
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    Can I be added too please? :-)
  • lemonshredding
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    I’m in please! Reeeeeeally need to kick this nasty disorder! In therapy which is helping but Id love us all to support each other too 