Just got serious about losing 100lb



  • NessaR2011
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    I started out with 126 and down to 73 more to go! Feel free to add me and we'll support each other as we go!!
  • redladywitch
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    Best of Luck! You got this!
  • I have just over 100 to lose and would love to give and receive support! Feel free to add me! :)
  • jonnythan
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    Motivation fades away. Discipline and habits take their place.

    If you genuinely want it, you will make it happen.

    Good luck.
  • I am down 154 lbs and would be more than happy to lend support to those wanting to journey to healthful living!
  • palmerdanielle
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    Hi Jen! Im in the same boat, just got started last week. Feel free to add me, as well as anyone else to support one another!
  • We can do this!

    I just got serious too! I'm looking to lose about 100lbs as well. It seems SO far away, but ONE POUND AT A TIME! I chant that in my head when I feel like giving up on the elliptical!!
  • janette_l_c
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    Feel free to add me as a friend everyone! I'd love support from people with similar goals. I am looking to loose about 110 pounds. Good luck everyone on your goals!
  • njitaliana
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    I have over 100 lbs to lose, also. Please add me.
  • njitaliana
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    Good quote. And so true.
    Motivation fades away. Discipline and habits take their place.

    If you genuinely want it, you will make it happen.

    Good luck.
  • jessiej99
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    I am on the same journey too. Feel free to add me, we can do it!!!!
  • Skystrider
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    Hi Jen,

    My goal is really close to yours -- 103 pounds. I'm on track with 11 pounds so far in the first 3 weeks. You can add me, too.
  • sassychyck13
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    Hey Jen, I am also wanting to lose 100lbs or so. Would love to join together to support each other.
  • patyeomans
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    My goal is 75 llbs. this year is that enough for me to join with your support group? I have never been part of any kind of communal support in my weight loss efforts and I really think it help me a lot to be able to share.
    I just got started and I've lost my first 3 lbs. in week one. I am very seriously dedicated to changing my lifestyle and get my weight down. I have been gaining steadily and I just cannot keep it up
  • Meginkg
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    Hi everyone, I've lost 109 so far and have about 40 left to go - would be happy for any of you to add me for support and motivation! I know all the feelings that come with losing that amount of weight... :)
  • At the moment im aiming for 89lbs (basically to get under the 200lb mark) Then i shall reconsider my body and see how much more i have to lose.

    Feel free to add me :) Could use some motivated friends xxx
  • Thimbelinda
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    I have about a 100 to lose. Anyone here, feel free to friend me. I would be happy to provide support and encouragement. :smile:
  • hgray1975
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    I've got that much to lose, also. I've lost around 45lbs. so far. Still would like to lose at least 80 more.
  • Hey Everyone i'm looking to lose 100 or so pounds give or take.. Add me I need friends to motivate and to become motivated by :)