what was your mistakes that made you gain weight



  • 970Mikaela1
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    ummmm. tasty food. and baklava.
  • HaySchu
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    -Alcohol. A highly expensive and horribly detrimental habit. A night at the bar could easily exceed 1,000 calories. Not to mention the greasy junk food that was usually consumed afterwards.
    -Binge-eating. Going all day without eating and then gorging myself at night.
    -Fast food. This includes Starbucks. The calories in drinks count too, and you'd be surprised how fast they add up.
    -Sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at a desk at work 40+ hours/week and then coming home and sitting on my *kitten* in front of the TV.
    -No motivation. No support. No inspiration.
    -Toxic relationships. You must surround yourself with the right people if you wish to ever experience a new, and healthier, lifestyle.
    ...All of these reasons and more...
  • MonicaA2013
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    i got comfy with my husband and quit exercising. I have always been slim and trim and over the lat few yrs i quit paying attention to what i was eating and being lazy. So now i am paying attention to both of those things and am well on my way back to the smaller version of myself that i am much happier and healthier with.
  • mikeroybal
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    Beer the cause and solution to all of life's problems
  • SaintGiff
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    My mistake was eating everything that was unable to defend itself against a knife and fork.
  • brookielaw
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    Stress eating. I ate when I was stressed. I ate when I was sad. I ate when I was happy. I ate when I was mad...you get the picture.
    A completely sedentary lifestyle
    Lots and lots of alcohol and sweets
    Not paying any attention to nutrition, going for convenience versus fuel. Too much quantity, not enough quality.
    Never weighing myself and getting it in check.
    General laziness.
  • DoctahJenn
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    I stopped working out. :-/ It's as easy as that. My eating habits aren't all that bad, if a little high in sugar, but it's still enough to help me put on a few pounds if I don't exercise at least five times a week. Give it six months of being lazy, and I gain 15-20 lbs between all the holidays and date nights and baking cookies with my daughter.

    Well, and from time to time I forget to refill my thyroid meds and then I gain 3lbs in what FEELS like a week. lol
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    I've always gained all my weight back after dieting by stopping whatever I was doing to lose the weight. I just went right back to eating and drinking and sitting on my *kitten* and never weighing myself. Oh, and I owned far too many pairs of stretch pants!! It's amazing how much weight you can gain without even realizing it when your pants stretch with you.

    This time around I tried to tailor my diet and exercise in a more realistic way. I now eat the things I want in moderation, I don't give up anything. I still drink but I save calories to do so, and I didn't add any major exercise because I know the only thing I'll actually stick to is walking, so that's what I do.
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    I didn't make a "mistake" I had self esteem and other issues that manifested themselves through disordered eating. I had a great fear of food, or went through periods of hiding behind food. Due to my experience, I see the world differently. I don't see people in the judgy way that I used to, broken out into physical pieces, compartmentalized as big this and little that as I saw myself, I see them calling out. I think that a person's outward appearance is a direct reflection of inner turmoil or serenity. By releasing the disordered view of myself I was able to release the disordered view I had on food.
  • MissLakeTime
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    Honestly, summertime ...drinking beer on the lake every weekend and having a good time with friends! I was happy until... well come Monday the scale was up a few pounds, and then next weekend a few more..
  • HoneyBadger302
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    -a VERY sedentary job (my new job is still a desk job, but it's not as sedentary as my last job - I had no idea that was possible lol).
    -Too much eating out/fast food
    -Lack of physical activity

    I've kept a weight journal for years - and my last job, literally, was what made me fat between the lazy sitting and the diet. Before that, my weight fluctuated a little, but at MOST I had 10-15 pounds to lose, not the 25 I had to lose when I finally landed my dream job.
  • meshashesha2012
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    deciding to not continue to be an athlete while still eating like i was one :laugh:
  • Amitysk
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    Complacency... and pretending it wasn't happening...
  • danimalkeys
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    My main mistake was not adjusting my diet when I stopped powerlifting. I continued to eat like I was competiting, I had been on a continual bulk for 10 years, and when I stopped training as hard as I did, the pounds just packed on. I should have cut back on the food volume when the training volume dropped.
  • CassandraEldridge
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    I stopped keeping track of calories.... and little by little I put on those phantom lbs... I would cry where did this come from but deep down I knew. gained 10lbs and now working hard to keep track of those calories and expercise more.
  • becky10rp
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    nightly snacking - sabotaged me completely.

    I've always worked out - ate a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner -

    Worked out for an hour -

    Then felt 'justified' eating ANYTHING afterwards...................!

    Motto to this story: working out doesn't justify snacking/eating like crap afterwards!
  • amcozy
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    Beer, beer, beer, and beer. Put on 20lbs in a year and the only major change in diet was I went from occasionally drinking to have a beer or two... or three, every day. I was depressed because of a hellish job and I drowned my sorrows. Not good.
  • SaintGiff
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    deciding to not continue to be an athlete while still eating like i was one :laugh:

    So much of this. You must eat to grow. You must eat to grow. You must eat to grow. Then I stopped working out, but kept eating to grow. Hilarity ensues.
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    In the past, I've gained, lost, gained, lost...this time it's gone, and staying gone. In the past, the reason I mainly gave up, was because I was tired of eating all the same bland tasting foods, and eating too few calories, (typically around 1,200). It was mostly chicken, fish, and salads in the past. I'd eventually get tired of feeling hungry all the time, and give up. This time is different, I don't exclude any foods from my diet, however, if I have a hard time controlling myself with certain things, I try not to bring them in the house, unless someone else is going to help me eat them, or if I can buy a small package of it. Now, when I buy a birthday cake for one of the kids, I get a much smaller one than I used to, otherwise it will sit in my fridge, and call my name every day, until it is gone. I buy snacks for the kids that I don't really care too much for, like oreos. I like them, but I don't love them. Also, I net around 1,700-1,800, more or less, depending on my bodymedia device.