Anyone over 300 pounds when they started?

I smile 5'3. 6 months ago I weighed 325...I am now 240....just wanted to hear some success stories from people who weighed more then 300?


  • Samstan101
    Samstan101 Posts: 699 Member
    Fantastic! Well done :)

    I started at 303lbs in Mar-13, down 90lbs with more to go (5'6" 41y-o),
  • tapirfrog
    tapirfrog Posts: 616 Member
    OMG 325 to 240? The first success story you need to read is your own, because that is frickin' impressive!

    I was 214, and now I'm 180 (and it has taken me 7 years), so I don't have a story for you ... but can I admire you from afar as you keep kicking @ss?
  • aprilflower18232
    aprilflower18232 Posts: 205 Member
    I have gotten discouraged lately because I don't seem to be losing my stomach at all? Any ideas anyone?
  • DeenerN
    DeenerN Posts: 41 Member
    327lb currently 291 =) out of the 3's at least--I'm trying the this is how I live approach, changing lifestyle habits slowly so they stick; I've been here since the end of May and it goes slow for me but I think it's going to be better for me in the long run. Don't get discouraged you can do it!
  • Mrs_Marvel
    Mrs_Marvel Posts: 39 Member
    I was close 284 and am now 171.
  • GBrady43068
    GBrady43068 Posts: 1,256 Member
    I have gotten discouraged lately because I don't seem to be losing my stomach at all? Any ideas anyone?
    Although I can't speak from PERSONAL experience because I'm still shooting for overall loss rather than targeting any specific area(s), many here would tell you to look into strength training.
  • Jg04811
    Jg04811 Posts: 102 Member
    Started at 400, today 252. Still got a ways to go.
  • neonflowers
    neonflowers Posts: 20 Member
    I started out at 317. I sympathize with the stomach thing. I seem to lose everywhere else before my stomach. It takes me months to lose 1 pant size. I've found that strength training and working on abs 3 times a week helps. I like Jillian Michael's Six Weeks to A Six Pack. It's still a painfully slow and frustrating process though. Be patient with yourself and keep going.
  • kend61
    kend61 Posts: 29 Member
    Last January I started at 394 and currently 267 with about 57 left to get to my goal of 210. Wish I was at stage where I wanted my stomach smaller, but I realize still be almost 60lbs away still a nice chunk to go. But congrats on kicking butt and getting there, for me it was just realization I had to change my life big time. Sadly for me it was more than just eating right and working out, I had to believe in the change and it took a special person to show me the light.
  • FitnFeistyLyness
    FitnFeistyLyness Posts: 757 Member
    started at 370. now 163.. goal is 135..

    feel free to add me or join my group.. anyone..

    awesome going guys!!

    stomach went when i started cardio
  • ball_FXDWG
    ball_FXDWG Posts: 44 Member
    Don't get discouraged. Men especially lose their stomach fat last. I have at least 30 pounds more to lose and have very little if any fat anywhere but my lower stomach. My arms, upper chest, legs are basically just skin and bones at this point, though I started off a lot heavier.
  • 302cupcake
    302 when I started, maintaining at 138 now.
  • ktsmom430
    ktsmom430 Posts: 1,100 Member
    Close. 290# March 2012.

    Fluctuating between 130-135 now.

    Would like to be in the 120's, but has not happened yet. Still hopeful though!
  • MissDLynnR
    MissDLynnR Posts: 91 Member
    here 367 at my highest. Down to 299 now and hoping it keeps coming off. Anyone looking for more friend please add me!
  • MissDLynnR
    MissDLynnR Posts: 91 Member
    302 when I started, maintaining at 138 now.

    This is where I would like to be!!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    My high weight was 307 (November 2008) and now I'm at 198.

    But I started MFP at 262 lb in March 2013. So it took me a LONG time to lose that first 45 lb.

    ETA: as for belly fat, I have the B-shaped belly and mine has gotten really flat on the bottom half (compared to before anyway) but the top of the "B" is still a definite roll. When I'm nude and seated I feel like it looks as big as ever. But in clothes it's like 1/3 the size it used to be, if that. Hang in there!!
  • poedunk65
    poedunk65 Posts: 1,336 Member
    I started at approx. 330 and got down to 260. Then I blew a shoulder out and gained about 20 or so back. Now that it's all healed I'm back on schedule and losing again.
  • SunshineRox007
    SunshineRox007 Posts: 16 Member
    Started at 330, down 60 pounds. Have a ways to go yet ! I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds quite a few times and I am struggling to stay on track.
  • Missabled
    Started at 178 now....33 to go! wooohoooo!!!

    Just wish this last bit would come off as first as the "PRE-Onederland" did....

    In the beginning it melted off...10 to 12 pounds a month! it's been 4 a month since October....Oh well.....I survived the holidays and continue to go at a snails pace !!!

    Congrats to all of you and continued success!!!!
  • ElnuevoAdrian
    ElnuevoAdrian Posts: 50 Member
    I started at 458. Currently 433.
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