How I lost 360lbs in 15 months



  • sixtyinchesoffury
    sixtyinchesoffury Posts: 321 Member
    I just want to say your story has really made my heart happy!!!!!! You are living proof that no matter how bad things are it's never

    too late to start changing your life!!! :flowerforyou:

    sooooo happy and inspired now!:drinker:

    :heart: ,
  • FlowersInTheDirt
    FlowersInTheDirt Posts: 124 Member
    Sweet baby Jesus.
    Well done Brian!!!
  • DigitalDiana
    DigitalDiana Posts: 157 Member
    I think the right words are "monumental success" Congratulations on your success and your journey... you have taken on many new goals and achieved them. Nice that you had found Jackie to help you with your motivation, but it was YOU that made these accomplishments! WOW very impressive!
  • sgreene87
    sgreene87 Posts: 323 Member
    Brian, your story is amazing and your friend is an angel. I think this story should be featured in people magazine. You are an inspiration to so many. Best wishes as you continue on your journey. And thanks for sharing your very personal story with us.
  • kcl29
    kcl29 Posts: 79 Member
    How very kind & generous of you to share your inspiring story! As a fellow Michigander, I wish you all the best!
  • Amber82479
    Amber82479 Posts: 629 Member
    I'm thrilled for you and your story is so inspirational. I am so happy to hear that you were able to overcome the alcoholism, depression and anger and to find healthy balance in life. Have fun at Cedar Point! I live only about an hour from there and it's an amazing amusement park!
  • Crateria_
    Crateria_ Posts: 253 Member
    Amazing story, congratulations! I could hug both you and Jackie :)
  • MrHowl
    MrHowl Posts: 1 Member
    Astonishing work! I hope you're at least half as proud of yourself as this internet stranger is!
  • mg_89
    mg_89 Posts: 189 Member
    Congratulations on saving your life. Way to go! Best of luck on your continued journey.
  • lesliegail1986
    lesliegail1986 Posts: 33 Member
    Wow! Your story is so inspiring! Made me cry! lol Great job! Good luck on the surgery!!!
  • mudpiechick
    mudpiechick Posts: 10 Member
    Your story is amazing and you are such an inspiration to those of us that are struggling with weight. Keep up the good work.
  • mikemsu
    mikemsu Posts: 77 Member
    WOW Brian, just W O W !!!!! I though what I had lost in a year was good, but what you've done is amazingly INCREDIBLE. Glad to hear your outlook on life is so much better as well. Getting healthy in body and mind feels so good! Best wishes for continued success.
  • egrusy
    egrusy Posts: 196 Member

    This is me in December 2012


    Me in December 2013


    Jackie and I at Hampton Court Palace!

    Absolutely JAW-DROPPING!! I keep looking back and forth because I'm utterly amazed that it's the same person. Your story is incredibly inspiring, keep up the good work!!!
  • Tomosguitars
    Tomosguitars Posts: 19 Member
    Brian, you have done an incredible job. It shows what hard work and determination can do!
  • kvan64
    kvan64 Posts: 28 Member
    "bump" more folks should read your story. I was so inspired
  • Holy ****, that was an amazing story. Awsome job, keep up the good work.
  • CactusF1ower
    CactusF1ower Posts: 174 Member
    Amazing story. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement!
  • nazashi
    nazashi Posts: 93 Member
    Beautiful story!
    You're simply amazing!!:flowerforyou:
  • Auzziedoggie
    Auzziedoggie Posts: 66 Member
    I never read long stories, especially with no pictures. But I read yours! You are amazing and an inspiration. You are a pro at weightloss now. A lot of people have way less to lose and less bad habits to break. But you did it. BE VERY PROUD!
  • kvan64
    kvan64 Posts: 28 Member
    You sir are an absolute hero! Amazing......I just have to keep bumping so others are encouraged by your success. BUMP
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