Obese in the gym?

As title, is anywhere here reaaaally overweight and still goes to the gym? I've been on MFP for 4 weeks now, and lost 10lb in those 4 weeks just through calorie counting. I've been reading (and reading and reading) about weight lifting, and it's something I'd like to do, but I'm terrified to go into the gym. I've only recently dropped below 300lb, but I am getting a little fitter (better able to walk up stairs and generally walk around!)

I'm not sure if I should just start a routine at home and wait until I've lost more weight before hitting the gym. Tbh, the whole idea of the gym terrifies me.

Is there anybody here who is really overweight and goes to the gym?


  • ME0172
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    Go if you're ready. When I go to the gym and see obese people all I can think is, "Keep coming back!" So often I wish I could walk up to them and tell them that they inspire me. If you're ready for the workout at the gym then go. Don't worry about people looking at you. If they're like me they're very proud of you for being there. :flowerforyou:
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    I was 350 pounds and went at that weight, don't worry about other people especially in the gym.
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    Don't wait. There are so many big people at my gym; you'd be surprised. Find a gym that has a mixture of all sizes of people. A trainer would be an invaluable resource.
  • Everyone who goes to the gym had to start somewhere! People dontbwalk in the gym the first day skinny and buff. Its hard work. Keep that in mind. Everyone has a first day! You can order some great workout videos on Amazon for cheap (I like Jillian Michaels). Feel free to add me for support or if you would like me to share how I lost my weight. Good luck and keep your head up!
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    the gym used to terrify me too, but when you go, you notice that most people have ear buds in and are in their own world.
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    There's a guy at my gym who is over 500 pounds. One of the hardest workers there is. I was over 200 when I started.
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    1). Go to the mall.

    2) Find the store that puts letters on shirts.

    3). Have shirt made that says:

    So what, I'm effing trying.

    4) Wear it loud. Wear it proud.
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    There's a guy at my gym who is over 500 pounds. One of the hardest workers there is. I was over 200 when I started.

    This. I was 235 when I started. You have to start somewhere.

    Because what is worse than a fat person at the gym.....is a fat person NOT at the gym.
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    1). Go to the mall.

    2) Find the store that puts letters on shirts.

    3). Have shirt made that says:

    So what, I'm effing trying.

    4) Wear it loud. Wear it proud.
    Best advice ever.
    All I think when I see over weight people at the gym is "that's awesome!" They're doing something to better themselves and their health and lives. How is that a cause for weight judgement?
    You're lapping everyone that's sitting on their ads at home
  • I started at 379 and went to the gym....I don't care what people think.............I'm there to lose weight..................and lose weight is what I did, now there are people bigger than me going to the gym lol
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    I used to be terrified of going to the gym. I was so worried that everyone would be laughing at me for being so much bigger than them. It would depress me and I would end up stop trying altogether.

    Now, I honestly don't care. The gym I go to is a local YMCA, it's a huge complex and always busy, even in the mornings. Everyone's doing their own thing. I always make a point to look people in the eye and smile when I go by. I'm there, I'm trying. It doesn't matter how I look at the gym! We're all there doing the same thing, we're just all at different places on the journey.

    To make it fun, I have a collection of geeky t-shirts I wear to the gym, including one of these tr401atk-w484h484z1-41347-working-off-my-adipose.jpg

    My gym bag is a Tardis!

    Just go and have fun, if you're ready. Try not to worry about everyone else! :)
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    I go to a gym attached to a college, it's full of lanky 16 year old boys trying to bulk up. I was the fattest person there by some margin when I started and often am now.

    It doesn't bother me though, I'm usually concentrating on not falling over or yacking my lungs up or something. I really don't notice other people. And I had someone walk up to me and tell me they'd noticed how hard I work, it made my day.

    I'm sure some people watch that flab fly when I'm the treadmill, but f**k em.
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    i am above 300 lbs. i go to the gym 4-5 x's a week. when all those muscle builders, average weight people see me in there working my body, i think they are eager to help me. i see them out and about where i shop and they always ask if i have been to the gym today.the other day a lady came to help me with my weights b/c i was not doing it correctly. i loved it. they don't look at me with disgust, they are happy i am there doing something.they have a story to tell too. a lady at the gym encouraged me to keep on coming and not to be intimidated by others, to hold my head up high. Thats what i say to you. Get yourself a gym membership and walk in there with your head held high and work your body!
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    I joined my first gym at over 500 pounds. I sat out in the parking lot for nearly an hour building up the nerve to go in then I got myself up every day at 5:00 AM to swim for an hour.

    I joined a second gym after I'd lost 50 pounds and started lifting weights. Even though I didn't have any bad experiences at the Y, I was still apprehensive about going into a "lifters" gym. Same as the Y, I haven't had any bad experiences.

    I was worried that I won't fit in or that a heavy person doesn't belong in the gym. I worried that everyone would stare, point, and laugh. Not only didn't that happen but everyone there has been extremely supportive.
  • I have been to the YMCA in many cities and always feel like the folks there are super diverse and accepting. When I take my home-schooled kids for swim lessons in the middle of the day and workout I am sometimes the thinnest *and* youngest person around. (I'm 34 and over 200lb!).
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    Op, think about it like this, if you were ill, would you wait until you were better to go to a hospital? If you smelled, would you take a bath before getting into the shower?

    Go, handle your business, and hold your head up high.
  • Honestly no one cares, every ones there for the same reason.
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    If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never go.

    I'm 5ft5in and 229lbs.. I go to the gym 5 days a week and I run both on their track and treadmills AND I run in shorts. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I'm bettering myself and that's what matters. Go for it!
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    My husband was telling me a story a few months ago about a woman at the gym that is very overweight, she wears a shirt occasionally that says "If I can do it, so can you" I think about that when I'm running, and I know it inspires him to work out harder too, I wonder if she knows that she is inspiring the rest of the gym to work harder? I say go for it, hit the gym, maybe you will inspire others :)