What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



  • chrisdavey
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    ultimate bro spec meal haha (except there is mega death on that chicken)

    I thought there had to be broccoli for it yo be full bro-spec?!

    I suppose you are right! I ran out though :laugh:
  • Thank you for the site on Wednesdays meals. I am very dull when it comes to my meals. It is inspiring to see others accomplishing so much. I have been looking for a really good website with low calorie meals but most I wind up on don't give you a good nutrition fact about the meal and your guessing the calories. I'm enjoying seeing the awesome ideas and maybe trying some out myself
  • Acg67
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    Pita, poached eggs, spicy sopressata tomato sauce, furikake, shaved sopressata

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    AAAAAND a 32oz "man mug" of Heineken! :drinker:

    yes please!!!
  • its like a feast for your eyes ! (almost) everything is making my mouth water!
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    I just gained 5 pounds looking at the pics, thanks lol
  • Smirnoff65
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    Nice piece of Rump Steak tonight served with sauteed baby boiled potatoes done with onions and mushrooms in the Actifry with no oil just 5 squirts of Fry Light and a nice crunchy salad. Total calories 535.
  • emmy3111
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    oh my gosh... so much of this looks so good!
  • avskk
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    Lunch today. I was super tired of the usual sandwich + veg and/or salad with protein so I switched it up! Broccoli slaw tossed with tuna, tomatoes, lemon juice, and Greek yogurt Caesar dressing on a bed of mixed greens; scallion-and-thyme egg muffin on the side with lots of Cholula.
  • 20Grit
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    Honey curry chicken with basmati rice! It looks like a plop of yellow, but it is SO tasty.

    recipe please

    I would like a plop of yellow anytime....
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    Looks good!
  • Wow some of the foods look so delicious im getting hungry just by looking at it! No idea how to add pics.. so there's link Http://instagram.com/laudinelovesbooks ..
  • goredguar
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    Only recently started to like fish. So here's my favourite one so far:

    Cod oven baked in a mixture of onion, garlic, red pepper, tinned chopped tomatoes, Worchester sauce, chilli and Italian herbs. Served with microwaved (then stuck in the oven for a bit to crispen up) potatoes, plus broccoli, sweetcorn and lettuce. 480 cal.


  • mercina22
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    Grass fed London broil, Roasted cauliflower with garlic and parm

  • Lynzigzagzay
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    Dear god why am I reading this thread. Everything looks so gooooood! I'm jealous.
  • ibleedunionblue
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    Vegetable Lasagna...


    12 pieces. 145 calories, 26 carbs, 9 protein & 3 fat per srvng.
  • Acg67
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    Waffle grilled cheese with fontina, gruyere, confit tomatoes and bacon


    Sweet and sour pulled duck


    Espresso and ancho rubbed strip steak, duck fat potatoes

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    Waffle grilled cheese! :D Fabulous idea
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    I had a late-night craving for oat cookies.